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The Complete Podcast List.

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Hey Pals,

We’ve had quite a few requests for a complete list of podcast episodes along with links. So I had Katey the Assistant whip one up for you.

Here ya go. Happy listening!

#348 – Reed Davis: The Final Episode

#347 – Meghan Telpner: How I Beat Crohn’s Disease

#346 – Steve Silberman: NeuroTribes

#345 – Josh Trent: There is No Plan B

#344 – Cynthia Pasquella: Tragedy, Turmoil, and Transformation

#343 – Kevin Gianni: Kale and Coffee

#342 – David Zappasodi: Immovable Heart, Unstoppable Mind

#341 – Chef Pete Evans: Critics, Controversy and Paleo Cooking

#340 – Dr. Tom O’Bryan: Response to The Gluten Lie

#339 – Dr. Jill Carnahan: Molds, Mycotoxins, and Sick Building Syndrome

#336 – Jim Rendon: The New Science of Post-Traumatic Growth

#337 – Dr. Joel Kahn: How To Heart Attack Proof You Body

#336 – Alan Levinovitz, PhD: The Gluten Lie

#335 – Dr. Kelly Brogan: The Serotonin Myth?

#334 – Dr. Datis Kharrazian: How To Figure Out What’s Causing Your Depression

#333 – Sean Croxton: The Depression Sessions Preview Show

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Podcast #348:
The Final Episode


Guest: Reed Davis

November 12th, 2008.

It was on this very day seven years ago that Underground Wellness Radio first took to the internet airwaves.

Functional Diagnostic Nutrition founder, Reed Davis, and I chopped it up for 90 mins, answering the question, Is Stress Making You Fat?

In fact, Reed was my first and second guest. I guess I was too shy back then to ask anyone else to be on the show.

So when I was pondering who would be the perfect guest to send the podcast off into the sunset, I couldn’t think of anybody better than Reed. He was there at the beginning and he’s still here in the end. My main man.

On today’s final episode of Underground Wellness Radio, Reed and I get together one last time to show you how to become your own health detective … one who stops chasing symptoms and gets to the root cause. Topics include:

* How to navigate the “needs gap.” What to do when your doc or practitioner are stuck in their ways and unconcerned with finding what’s really causing your health challenges.

* Why diet and exercise aren’t always enough .. and how to assess the 4 Pillars of Health on which your health stands upon.

* What may be happening to your hormones if and when you’re feeling a little less “frisky”…

Click the PLAY button above to listen to the entire episode.

Though the podcast is ending, I’m not going anywhere. Be on the lookout for a brand new podcast coming in January. We’ll keep talking about health, just a little less.

You’ll still be able to find all 348 episodes of UW Radio on iTunes, Stitcher, BlogTalk Radio, and the UW website. If you’d like a complete list of episodes (with links to listen) please join The Transcribe Tribe. They’re all in there.

You’ll remain on my email list for our next adventure. There is no need to re-subscribe. When the new podcast launches, you’ll be the first to hear about it. 

The Second Opinion Series will go on. Our next topic will be SLEEP in March 2016. Be on the lookout!

Lastly, my social media accounts will be changing a bit. Please join my “Sean Croxton” pages below. Thanks!




I have more to say at the end of today’s episode. I hope you get a chance to listen. If not, THANK YOU for supporting Underground Wellness Radio. It’s been a blast. I’m sad to bring it to end, but it’s time.

See you in January!


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Retro Episode:
The Art of Bone Broth

Lance Roll

Guest: Chef Lance Roll

Today’s podcast episode is a real game changer if you’re interested in having stronger bones, healthier joints, better digestion, and more youthful hair, nails, and skin.

I mean, who wouldn’t want any of that?

And that’s why I decided to bring back another classic, retro episode with our buddy Chef Lance Roll to fill you in on how bone broth can literally turn back the clock on not only how you feel, but how you look.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

* Chef Lance’s step-by-step guide and best practices to make your own bone broth at home.

* The Bone Broth Detox: How to use broth to give your digestive system, liver and kidneys a much-needed break. 

* Which bones are best … and where to find them!

* Is it botox or bone broth? How broth-derived collagen makes your skin look amazing.

* The chef’s top Crock Pottin’ Bone Brothin’ tips for the slow cooker in you.

Click the PLAY button above to listen to the entire episode. 

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Podcast #347:
How Meghan Beat Crohn’s Disease.

Meghan Telpner

Guest: Meghan Telpner

Today’s episode of the podcast is the epitome of taking action and taking responsibility for one’s health.

Meghan Telper — author of The UnDiet Cookbook and founder of The Academy of Culinary Nutrition— shares her remarkable story of overcoming an “incurable” Crohn’s diagnosis … and why she says Crohn’s may have been the very BEST thing to ever happen to her.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

* Why Meghan could not and would not accept it when her docs diagnosed her with multiple conditions she never really had … and what she did instead.

* The horrific advice Meghan got from her doctor and the HUGE problem with the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation that has her fired up.

* The one thing Meghan believes is the biggest factor for anyone trying to heal from ANY disease and build health in the body.

* How to deal when an illness affects your relationships, and why support is so important for healing and taking health into our own hands.

Click the PLAY button above to listen in.

Enjoy today’s podcast, amigos and amigas.


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Retro Podcast: Digestive Wellness

Liz Lipski

Guest: Dr. Liz Lipski

I guess we can call today “Flashback Friday”…

That’s because today’s podcast episode is a “retro” episode from all the way back in 2010 with our good friend and author of Digestive Wellness, Dr. Liz Lipski.

But before we get to Dr. Lipski’s classic episode, I wanted to make sure you knew that The Digestion Sessions re-launch this Sunday at 8am Pacific/11am Eastern.

Typically I send event-related emails to my entire subscriber list. But since this is a re-launch, I will only be sending Digestion Session-related emails to current registrants. So if you want to attend but have not yet registered, click the link below and get signed up.

If you’d rather skip the event schedule and watch, listen to, or read The Sessions on your own time, the Digestion Sessions Digital Access Pass is on sale for a limited time price of $47. That’s a little over 50% off. Learn more here.

Okay, back to today’s episode…

Dr. Lipski and I chat about all things digestion. We even take a few live callers. Oh, how I miss those days! Here’s a handful of the topics we discussed:

* How constipation can lead to hormone-related cancers. Yikes!

* Colonics: who needs them and who doesn’t?

* A super simple way to use vitamin c powder to … flush it all out.

* How to reduce your dependency of digestive supplements.

* Natural ways to boost your stomach acid production

* Why “suppressing the urge” isn’t a good idea (even while you’re at work!)

This episode of full of useful tips you can put into action right away. Click the PLAY button at the top of this post to listen in.

Hope to see you Sunday at The Digestion Sessions!

Happy Friday,