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Oxygen is Killing Us

Oxygen is killing us. While its role as the breath of life is well known, the destructive nature of oxygen is more clandestine, slowly chipping away at our health until symptoms emerge.

Oxygen can break down the very cells that make up our tissues and organs, our bones and blood. It can damage DNA and critical enzymes. It can injure and stiffen our cell membranes, making the movement of nutrients in and out of cells more challenging while ruining our receptors for various hormones including testosterone, insulin, and thyroid.

We can hold our breaths for as long as we wish, but that would probably create an even bigger problem. Darned if you do. Darned if you don’t.

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UW Radio: Gluten Sensitivity References

Yo! Last night’s radio show with gluten sensitivity expert Dr. Tom O’Bryan was one of my favorites of all time! If you missed it, you can listen to it HERE. Also, be sure to visit his website and buy his DVD lecture! It goes even deeper!

As promised, Dr. O’Bryan sent over the scientific references to back up the much-needed information we talked about it. Here they are!

Unlocking The Mystery of Musculoskeletal and Neurological Complications of Gluten Sensitivity


National Institutes of Health. Autoimmune Diseases Coordinating Committee. Autoimmune Diseases Research Plan. Accessed 1/18/07

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Body Image: Reality or Illusion?


“All my friends are on a diet. It’s just not cool to actually eat lunch. We just sit around the [lunch] table and talk instead.” (Janie, a fourth-grader)

Human nature drives our desires to want that which we cannot have. For those who eventually achieve what once seemed physically unattainable, they are usually met with feelings of emptiness and solitude. Their journeys to their supposed mountaintops are not joyous and redeeming but lonely and demoralizing. Their motivations are out of fear, False Evidence Appearing Real. For most, the apex is nonexistent. It is merely an oasis, a delusion of grandeur. Someday, they will come face to face with the reality that the days that have passed are gone forever. What remains is not worth the pain.