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#341 – Critics, Controversy, and Paleo Cooking.

Pete Evans

Chef Pete Evans — author and co-star of My Kitchen Rules — discusses how and why he’s changing the food climate in Australia.

Here are my notes!

2:25 – How Pete went from being a cook at McDonalds to an influential high-profile celebrity chef.

4:51 – Why don’t people cook anymore? Why being a good cook probably isn’t as difficult as many people may think.

8:10 – The best ways to overcome your fears and controversy and why it’s so important to do so.

14:12 – The common sense approach Pete has used to find the best diet, how he was finally “outed” as paleo and why he doesn’t regret causing a stir in the media.

23:53 – How Chef Pete stays positive among all the negativity and how you can, too.

28:57 – Paleo politics: What “paleo” means to Pete and why what we call a diet doesn’t really matter.

38:50 – Why paleo doesn’t have to be perfect and the mindset to help you stress less about food and diet.

41:20 – Pete’s perpective on “paleo-fying” and the role dietary guidelines play in the world of nutrition, today and in the future.

45:38 – All about Chef Pete’s books and his paleo-packed program The Paleo Way.

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