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#345 – There is No Plan B

Josh Trent

Josh Trent – digital health coach, founder of and host of Wellness Force Radio – stops by to share his story. He talks about his personal wellness journey, the many ups and downs that finally led him to go all in on pursuing his passions, and what it really takes to break free of limiting beliefs that hold us back from being our best self. Here’s what we talked about:

3:59 Josh takes a chance and writes an email that gets him involved with Underground Wellness.

9:19 A potential product launch, “food idealism,” and fear creates friction and frustration between friends.

22:48 What Josh was looking for when he went from personal training into a cubicle, and why “secure income” no longer exists.

27:52 An experiment with sound meditation reignites Josh’s passion and gets him out of the corporate world.

29:38 The three beliefs that were holding Josh back, where they came from and how he’s turned negative experiences into something positive.

38:48 Josh’s learns that you can run—drunk!—but you can’t hide during his personal wellness journey from 275 pounds to personal trainer.

45:30 After dropping physical weight, Josh struggles with emotional weight and where he found support to release that weight, too.

51:58 How our beliefs affect the choices we make, and how our choices get us the things that we do (or don’t) want.

54:17 The most important thing we can do to repair relationships and free ourselves of limiting beliefs that hold us back.

59:39 Why investing in yourself is always worth it, and why money is definitely NOT the root of all evil.

1:05:28 What “digital health” is and how it can help you bridge the gap between wanting to do something and actually doing it!

1:08:01 Why feeling the fear isn’t always a bad thing, and how to keep moving forward no matter how you feel.

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