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I’m Retiring. Four Episodes Left!

Retirement Ahead - Road Warning Sign

It’s time for a change, friends.

It seems like it was just yesterday when I went live on the air for the first episode of Underground Wellness Radio.

The date was November 11th, 2008 and my guest was Reed Davis, founder of Functional Diagnostic Nutrition.

There I was, in my shoebox of a studio apartment doing my end of the broadcast from a cordless phone. No fancy equipment. No idea what I was doing. And barely anyone listened.

But I knew there was something to this whole podcasting thing, so I kept showing up. Each week the listenership grew larger and larger, eventually blossoming into a community of Undergrounders across the globe.

And here we are now, almost seven years and 346 episodes later, with one of the most popular health podcasts on the planet. Something that I’m certainly proud of and grateful for.

But something feels off…

For the past year or so, I’ve felt stuck. I mean, while health will always be my first love, it’s not what I’m all about. It’s not all that I have to offer.

And that gnawing feeling … you know, the one you feel when you know you’re not doing exactly what you want to do …. has been eating me up inside.

It’s well past time to make it stop.

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Podcast #345: There is No Plan B.

Josh Trent

Guest: Josh Trent

All good things must come to an end, they say.

If you’ve been a long-time follower of Underground Wellness you may recall my old sidekick, Josh Trent.

Josh and I had some classic moments on the YouTube channel, where we uploaded some of the most outrageous and hilarious fitness videos ever.

Like the time we TRXed on the trolley.

Or when we took over the IDEA World Fitness Convention.

And who can forget the security guard doing pull-ups from the back of a moving truck?

Josh and I were a great fit on-camera and soon became good friends.

But at some point things started to change, and eventually he and I could no longer stand each other. Josh had to go.

What were we feuding over?


But not so much in the typical ways people are at each other’s throats over money. This was something entirely different.

In today’s episode of Underground Wellness Radio, Josh Trent and I reunite after four years of relative estrangement to hash out our differences and put the matter to rest, for good.

Click the PLAY button at the top of this post to listen to Episode #345 with Josh Trent.

Happy Friday, pals.


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Podcast #342:
Immovable Heart, Unstoppable Mind.


Guest: David Zappasodi

Even I can get caught up in this…

At times, I find myself consumed with thoughts of who and how I used to be.

The ultra-lean personal trainer who could eat anything he wanted and never gain a pound.

The guy who could crush himself in the gym for 2 hours and wake up the next day feeling like he could do it all over again.

The one who didn’t have to warm up and stretch for 30 minutes just to keep from injuring himself in the weight room.

Though I know darn well that the 20-something version of me — the always-at-the-gym trainer who surely walked at least 25,000 steps a day — is long gone, I still sometimes wonder if I can ever get that body back.

It’s as if my brain is in the business of fooling me into believing that a set of shredded, six-pack-abs will bring more joy into my life. That I can be happier and more fulfilled one day if I get what had back then.

But living in the past to get somewhere in the future only serves omits the now.

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Podcast #326:
8 Strategies for Creating Habits that Stick.

Gretchen Rubin

Guest: Gretchen Rubin

I assume you read this blog and listen to our weekly podcast episodes because you’re maybe looking to change something about yourself.

Maybe you’re looking to lose a few pounds, or improve your digestion, or heal your thyroid, or learn how to JERF.

Whichever it may be, creating change in your life requires two important things. First, you need to decide. To CHOOSE to make the change. And second, you MUST change your habits.

Because the cultivation of new habits is the fuel for being better than before.

I’m sure you’ve tried this approach before. You read that book … or that magazine … or that blog post about transforming your life through building new habits. But nothing ever stuck.

Before you knew it, your “new habits” slipped back into your old ways. Again and again.

But here’s what no one ever told you…

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Can Social Anxiety Be Reversed with Nutrition?

Can Social Anxiety Be Reversed With

It was the most surreal (and frightening) experience of my life.

There I was, sitting on the weight room floor. Hyperventilating. Watching the floor swing from side to side. Lights suddenly blindingly bright. Scared.

I was having a panic attack.

It all began the previous afternoon. Feeling like my social anxiety had gotten out of hand, I showed up for my appointment at the campus clinic looking for help.

I rattled off my symptoms to the doctor — the sweats, tremors, racing heart, negative thoughts, all occurring in social encounters.

I had diagnosed myself with Social Anxiety Disorder. My doctor agreed.

He pulled a pad out of his pocket and wrote a prescription for Prozac.

“Prozac, really?”

For some reason, Prozac sounded a little extreme. I had done my research on its side effects and it was the last thing I thought the doc would recommend. I just wanted something to calm me down in social settings and to push me out of what had been a fairly prolonged episode of depression.

In fact, one of my favorite football players openly used another drug, Paxil, for his social anxiety. It seemed to be working for him. That’s what I wanted.

But the doctor insisted. Prozac it was.