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Podcast #332: Solar-Powered People?

Sayer Ji Underground Wellness Radio

Guest: Sayer Ji

It’s what we were told…

Plants get their energy from sunlight. And humans get theirs from food.

There was no overlap.

The abundant energy from the sun was thought to be pretty much useless for us mammals. Plants got it all to themselves. And we got to eat the plants, of course.

But is it really that simple?

Well, according to research out of Columbia University Medical Center, there is a considerable possibility that animals (including humans) may be “solar powered”.

In other words, when we consume green vegetables, the chlorophyll metabolites appear to enter the mitochondria, where they work together with sunlight to supercharge energy production in our cells.

Maybe THAT explains the energy boost we get from juicing, drinking more green smoothies, and pumping up our green veggie consumption.

It’s definitely possible. And the science is beginning to back it up!

On today’s episode of Underground Wellness Radio, Sayer Ji — Depression Sessions presenter and founder of GreenMedInfo — reveals a new paradigm in human energy production that will make you think twice about skipping your veggies.

Fascinating stuff, for sure.

Click the PLAY button at the top of the post to listen to the entire interview!

Here are the links we mention in the episode:

Amazing Discovery: Plant Blood Enables Your Cells To Capture Sunlight Energy
Groundbreaking Discovery: Animal Cells Powered by Sunlight/Chlorophyll
Does Skin Pigment Act Like a Natural Solar Panel?

See you next week with some of my favorite clips from The Depression Sessions.



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Podcast #331:
Addiction, Heart Disease, and The Vegan Diet.

Rich Roll Podcast

Guest: Rich Roll

I honestly don’t care.

You can be a vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian, fruitarian, or … whatever.

As long as you’re eating real food, I’m happy.

Because wasting my time and energy arguing over food is something I gave up a long, long time ago.

But … when a guest comes on my podcast paying homage to The China Study and pointing the finger at meat consumption for our heart disease epidemic, I have no choice but to speak up.

Respectfully, of course.

On this week’s episode of Underground Wellness Radio, author and fellow podcaster Rich Roll stops by to share his incredible story of overcoming alcoholism and food addiction to become not only a staunch vegan, but one of the fittest people on the planet.

This is certainly one of the more candid discussions we’ve ever had on the podcast.

See ya next week with Sayer Ji!



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Podcast #330:
Brain Maker: How Gut Microbes Heal Your Brain

Dr. David Perlmutter

Guest: Dr. David Perlmutter, MD

Imagine you have two groups of mice…

One group is outgoing and daring, while the other is rather timid and apprehensive.

You’re feeling kinda curious, so you decide to transplant the gut bacteria from the daredevil mice into the more “mousy” rodents. And vice versa.

A couple days later, you check the respective mouse quarters and are beyond shocked to find a ginormous party going on in the “timid” cage.

Meanwhile, the “daredevil” cage has a more library-ish vibe. Quiet as a mouse. 🙂

Somehow, someway, swapping out the gut bacteria between the two groups not only altered their gut microbiome, but also modified their behavior.

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Podcast #329:
The Dorito Effect: The Surprising New Truth About Food and Flavor.

Mark Schatzker

Guest: Mark Schatzker

I’m almost ashamed to say this.

But there’s a very good chance that a real foodie like me has never actually tasted real food.

And there’s a strong possibility that you haven’t either. Check this out…

Back in March of 1948, a man by the name of Doc Pierce offered a prize of $10,000 to the person who could breed what he called The Chicken of Tomorrow.

This “perfect” large-breasted chicken would be judged on how fast it grew, how feed-efficient it was, and how closely it resembled wax models created by Pierce himself.

But Pierce and his judges ignored one important thing…

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Podcast #328:
The Stubborn Fat Fix.

Dr. Jade Teta

Guest: Dr. Jade Teta, ND

It’s like your metabolism has a mind of its own.

You eat less. It burns less.

You lose ten pounds. It gains eleven back.

It’s just not fair.

The logical solution is to eat even less and exercise even more. But that won’t fix it. Never has, never will.

Nor will it fix those “stubborn problem areas” that don’t seem to budge. Lower body fat and arm jiggle, for women. Love handles and belly/chest fat in men.

Like Father Time, your metabolism never loses. Unless…

In today’s episode of Underground Wellness Radio, our friend Dr. Jade Teta, co-author of Lose Weight Here, reveals how you can work WITH your metabolism to lose weight permanently and target those problem areas.

Here’s what you’ll learn: 

* Why alternating between periods of “eating less, exercising less” and “eating more, exercising more” sidesteps the starvation signals that slow down your metabolism.

* Beta receptors and alpha receptors. The science behind stubborn fat cells. (And what to do about them!)

* The male 6-pack abs formula: (P + V) x (Sl + IE)

* Specific supplements for targeting lower-body fat in women.

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