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Podcast 239: Just Let Me Eat My Beans and Rice in Peace…

Your-Personal-Paleo-Codeby Sean Croxton

I’m not giving up my sushi.

Hell to the no…

And if I post a pic of my spicy tuna hand roll on my Instagram feed, you better not leave a comment about how it’s “not paleo”.

While I totally respect your lionhearted diehard-ed-ness for being one of the few and the proud who can stick to a diet that snubs all grains, legumes, and dairy products, I also know that a strict paleo diet is not for me.

Yes, I’m a sinner. I tried to remain steadfast to my caveman commitment but couldn’t keep my eye from wandering.

Let’s face it, raw fish without white rice is like Facebook with no friends. A glass of raw milk makes me feel like I’m glowing. And I’m half-Mexican, so kicking beans to the curb would have my ancestors rolling over in their graves.

“Lo siento, abuela! No puedo comer arroz y frijoles. Yo soy paleo!”

That’s not happening.

But don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I’m munching on rice cakes and bean pies every day. I’m still a faithful real foodie. I just like to flirt.

As it turns out, I’m not the only one who finds a strict paleo diet personally unsustainable and cumbersome. According to Chris Kresser, in his badass new book Your Personal Paleo Code

“We don’t live in the Paleolithic era anymore. We’re not cavemen, so why should we follow a strict caveman diet? Why should we cut out foods we love and might thrive on simply because our ancestors didn’t eat them? We’ve evolved, and we need a plan that’s evolved to meet our individual needs and preferences. Why not combine the best of ancient wisdom and the best of modern nutrition?”

Finally, someone who understands me.

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Podcast 238: Seriously, Stop Counting Calories.

CalorieMyth-HC-w-flap-11-24-2013-40kby Sean Croxton

It doesn’t work.

Never has worked. Never will work.

Okay, maybe it’ll work for a little bit — maybe a few weeks or months. But the weight always comes back.

And then some.

No matter how many times we white-knuckle our way through yet another doomed fat loss program, the strategy seldom changes…

Eat less. Exercise more.

But what if I told you that this strategy is the cause of your weight gain, not the cure?

The truth is that the trainers and gurus who convinced you that fat loss was a math problem probably skipped science class. Because what the science is saying something completely different…

It says that when you take in less calories, you burn less calories.

It says that when you exercise more, you want to eat more food.

It says that 70-percent of the “weight” you lost wasn’t even fat tissue.

It says that the less you eat, the higher your Body Mass Index (BMI).

It says that we’ve been doing it all wrong.

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Podcast 235: Why It’s Hard to Lose Fat in the Winter!

alex-jamiesonby Sean Croxton

BREAKING NEWS: I’ve decided to stop eating meat and to embrace a plant-based diet.

Actually, that’s not really true. I just wanted to know how it felt to write that.

You see, after 12 years of being vegan — even writing 3 books advocating the virtues of going meatless as well as establishing a significant online following — Alexandra (Alex) Jamieson, did what few plant-based bloggers have the courage to do…

She announced that she was no longer vegan.


If Alex’s name doesn’t ring a bell, you probably remember her from the Oscar nominated documentary Super Size Me — she was Morgan Spurlock’s worried-sick girlfriend, as she watched his weight balloon and his health decline from a 30-day McDonald’s diet. You may also recall that she helped him recover his health and shed the fast food pounds with a plant-based diet.

On this week’s episode of Underground Wellness Radio, Alex and I chatted about not only what it was like to make such a big announcement to her vegan followers, but we also covered how you can tweak your diet to align with your body’s seasonal needs.

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How to Make Delicious (and Healthy) Holiday Dishes!

by Sean Croxton

Who knew Brussels sprouts could taste this yummy?

Before I head out for a few days of rest and relaxation, I thought I’d leave you with some holiday eats that will help make your Thanksgiving dinner the best (and healthiest) one ever.

To add to last week’s Best Turkey Ever video, I’ve brought along three delicious side dishes prepared by Chef Lance Roll — a.k.a. The Flavor Chef.

Here’s my personal favorite…

And a couple more for you…

Bacon Braised Brussels Sprouts
Roasted Yams and Sweet Potatoes

Don’t forget to download the Underground Holiday Recipe Guide with all of the ingredients and cooking instructions.

Click HERE for Instant Access!

Happy Thanksgiving, friends.

See you in a week!


P.S. — Dr. O’Bryan extended Encore Day at the Gluten Summit. Doors close for good TONIGHT at 9pm Pacific Time. Click to sign up to watch or to place your order for the All Access package with all 29 video and audio presentations before the price goes up!

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Podcast 234: How to Not Look Old and Raggedy

Dr-Cates-rotatorby Sean Croxton

I don’t want to get old!

Now that I’m 36, the signs of aging are creeping up slowly but surely…

The gray hairs on my chin.

An aversion to loud music. (The older I get, the louder it gets.)

Taking an entire 15 minutes to get warmed up at the gym.

Hey, I’m no spring chicken anymore. Then again, despite the minor annoyances above, I’d say I’m aging pretty darn well.

I imagine that would have a lot to do with the way I live — real food, just enough exercise, plenty of sleep, low stress levels (well, most of the time), and an amazing group of friends who have similar lifestyles.

While there’s nothing I (or you) can to do to completely stop the aging process, it can certainly be slowed down by making the right choices.

This week on Underground Wellness Radio, Dr. Trevor Cates and I discusses exactly what those anti-aging choices are.