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Are You Eating the Sacred Fertility Foods?

by Sean Croxton & Chris Kresser

A couple weeks ago, my main man Chris Kresser was on the radio show discussing his Healthy Baby Code e-course. Again, Chris dropped one truth bomb after another.

Check out the video below in which Chris and I discuss the sacred fertility foods, foods that we are certainly not getting enough of these days.

Learn more about Chris’s phenomenal course HERE! Everyone needs to take it!

Click HERE to listen to our show!

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Mindless Procreation 1: Squandering Our Genetic Wealth

underground wellnessby Sean Croxton

They don’t make ‘em like they used to.

The proven blueprint has been abandoned, resulting in recurrent manufacturer error. Quality control is at a historic low. Defective parts are ubiquitous. As expected, upper management denies all culpability, preferring to place blame elsewhere. Absent of a systematic rehabilitation of current practices, crisis appears inevitable.

The situation described above is certain to spawn public outcry. Picketers would line up in droves. The media might even show up. However, the manufacturing oversights I speak of are human in nature, not merchandise.

We don’t make people like we used to.