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The Podcast About Scientific Fat Loss Facts and Stuff…

by Sean Croxton

It doesn’t work.

I wonder at what point will we collective realize that the calories-in/calories-out approach to weight loss is a ginormous FAIL.

Consider this for a moment. According to last Thursday’s UW Radio guest Jonathan Bailor, people who quit smoking cold turkey have a 5.5% chance of success. Meanwhile, losing fat long-term by eating less and exercising more has a success rate of 4.6%.


In other words, the odds of losing weight and keeping it off are worse than if you quit a highly-addictive substance with zero assistance, treatment, or strategy.

Good luck on that 1200-calorie diet and endless treadmill program!

In fact, both factors — the low-cal diet and chronic cardio — are sealing the deal on your eventual rebound weight gain, as they create hormonal turmoil — and malnutrition — within the body.

And fat loss has a whole LOT more to do with hormones than it has to do with calories.

That’s what Mr. Bailor — a former frustrated personal trainer like myself — found while spending ten years of his life hanging out with top researchers and reviewing over 11,000 articles and more than 10,000 pages of fat loss research.

He found the facts.

Fortunately for us, he wrote them all down in a way that just about all of us can comprehend in his mind-blowing book The Smarter Science of Slim.