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Podcast 244: Stop Doing ((Stuff)) You Hate!

Stop-Sign-2by Sean Croxton

“There is no reason in 2008 to do ((stuff)) you hate.”

Of all of the personal development and business talks I’ve ever watched, this simple and slightly-profane declaration from one Gary Vaynerchuk six years ago probably had the most lasting impact on the direction I would take in my life.

Because life is way too short to spend one-third of our waking hours doing intolerable ((stuff)) that numbs our spirit in exchange for “security”.

((______)) that…

I know what you’re thinking: The economy isn’t what it used to be, Sean.

I couldn’t agree with you more. And that’s because the economy isn’t what it used to be.

We are no longer living in the days of our grandparents, when a high school diploma punched your ticket to a job at the factory.

Or the days when a college education imparted at least some assurance that a job was waiting on the other side of the commencement stage.

Nope, those factory jobs are on the other side of the ocean. And the college grad has been replaced by the electronic voice that asks me what I want but can’t understand me when I say it and then hangs up on me, but not without that aggravating “goodbye”.

The days we are living in today are the ones when a guy writes an e-book on teaching a parrot how to talk and becomes a millionaire.

Another guy gets rich teaching other guys how to write a killer best man’s speech.

And a woman with an online TV show is straight up ballin’ (that means she’s rich) from teaching people how the parrot and best man’s speech guys did what they did.

This isn’t your grandparent’s economy, friends. Not your parent’s economy. It’s not even the when-I-was-in-college-15-years-ago economy.

((Stuff)) has changed.

Maybe it’s changed too fast — so fast that we haven’t had a chance to adapt.

Our teachers and textbooks never taught us how to leverage social media platforms to earn a living doing ((stuff)) we love.

And our parents are seldom quick to give us the thumbs-up when we break the news that we’re ditching their law school plans to teach people how to eat real food on YouTube and Twitter.

The economy that we’re living in is what author and marketing genius Seth Godin calls “the connection economy”, a place where selling solutions to the people who know and trust us is what fulfills our hearts while filling our pockets.

I mean, everyone has a solution for something. Yeah, even you!

There’s THAT ONE THING that your friends and family call upon you for help. Maybe it’s relationship advice, or how to mix drinks, or how to fix the sink or jump start the car, or how to grow an organic garden, or how to cook without gluten, or how to install a website plug-in…

Okay, you get it.

For every 5 people asking you for help in real life, there are 10,000 (at least) looking for your guidance online.

They want to watch your videos, listen to your podcast, read your posts, retweet your tweets, share your updates, buy your products and services, shoot you an email of gratitude, and tell every single one of their friends about you.

Because you helped solve their problem.

That’s the connection economy.

It pays very well, in more ways than one.

Last night on Underground Wellness Radio, the woman who’s ballin’ from teaching others how to thrive in this new economy — Marie Forleo — was my special guest.

I’m not even going to write show notes this week. Just listen to the show!

And stop doing ((stuff)) you hate.

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