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Podcast 245: The TRUTH about Kombucha.

Hannah-Crumby Sean Croxton

I love me some kombucha.

Aside from the detox and digestive benefits, a cold bottle of “the booch” just makes me feel good.

BUT, my obsession with Mystic Mango and Strawberry Serenity has its fair share of critics, especially when it comes to the sugar content, alcohol volume, acidity, cost, and safety.

This week on the podcast I was more than happy to to help set the record straight with the help of kombucha aficionado Hannah Crum of Kombucha Kamp.

Here are my bullets:

7:55 – Love at First Sip: How Hannah and Kombucha met.

10:44 – Is kombucha just another passing fad?

13:17 – Five health benefits of kombucha — digestion, detox, immunity, blood sugar, and mood.

14:45 – How kombucha helped Mr. Crum lose 40 pounds and heal his acid reflux.

17:24 – Why the specific acids in kombucha actually KILL candida overgrowth.

19:55 – Why’s it so darn expensive?

23:49 – The SCOBY: Why is there weird goop in my kombucha?

28:00 – Can you get drunk from drinking kombucha?

30:37 – Did Lindsay Lohan have anything to do with the removal of kombucha from store shelves?

31:20 – Is kombuca — with its alcohol content — safe for kids to consume?

31:42 – How the fermentation process works. This is MUST LISTEN!

33:45 – Can you make kombucha with stevia to cut down on sugar?

39:29 – Can’t I just take a probiotic pill and get all the same benefits?

42:47 – Will the acidity break down my bones, gut, and teeth?

46:12 – How to start your own kombucha business.

49:20 – Hannah’s favorite flavors.

54:54 – How to get a FREE Kombucha DIY Guide!

Click the player below to listen to the entire episode.

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