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#285 – The NBA Goes Low-Carb Paleo.

Guest: Mark Sisson

Mark Sisson – founder of Mark’s Daily Apple and author of The Primal Blueprint — returns to the show to discuss the latest diet trend sweeping the NBA off-season, including the dramatic weight loss of superstars Lebron James and Carmelo Anthony.

Here are my notes!

0:10 – We’re number one. Finally!

3:12 – Why are so many NBA superstars going paleo?

5:00 – Is there strong research showing that basketball players benefit from this diet?

6:34 – Athletes will lose power in the beginning phases of low-carb…but it returns.

7:37 – Can ketones fuel the energy systems that elite NBA athletes rely upon?

10:06 – Mitochondrial biogenenis: How an athlete can increase mitochondria for better energy production and recovery.

12:41 – Low-carb in the off-season to make more mitochondria, but increase carbs in-season.

15:35 – Specific “safe starch” adjustments players can make in-season.

20:07 – My thoughts on the Laker’s switch to paleo and all of their injuries since.

23:38 – Is it a good idea to start this diet mid-season?

25:20 – Speculation on what really made LeBron James cramp up in the NBA Finals.

27:27 – Mark’s top tips for starting a low-carb diet (for athletes).

31:37 – 7 Things You Had No Idea Gut Bacteria Could Do.

33:38 – Can gut flora nullify antinutrients like phytic acid and allerginicity to gluten and dairy?

39:34 – The Primal Blueprint Certification

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