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Fluoride is Good for You!

by Will and Susan Revak

Thanks to Seanʼs work, a lot of attention is given to the quality of food we eat, what types of food nourish us best, and above all how to use the toilet for the ultimate elimination! 🙂

When we talk about food, Sean helps us see why we want to eat natural, organic, ʻreal foodʼ and certainly choose foods free of toxic ingredients. Doesnʼt it seem appropriate to give a similar amount of consideration to the oral hygiene products we use on a daily basis?

We believe that to create optimal health and wellness we have to hold the same standard for our personal hygiene products as we do for the foods we eat to nourish our bodies.

But why do we need to put the same consideration to our oral hygiene products as we do for the foods we eat? After all, we arenʼt eating our toothpaste, right? I will let Dean Vafiadis, DDS, president and founder of the New York Smile Institute answer this question…

“Most of what you put in your mouth goes into your bloodstream, even if you don’t swallow it.” Dean Vafiadis, D.D.S.

In fact, some chemicals enter your system faster through the mouth than by the usual stomach route.

So, at this point, letʼs turn our attention and take a look at the main controversial ingredient in oral hygiene products, fluoride.

While there are valid points on each side of the fluoride argument, we have found the main difference is how broad of a perspective each side takes when viewing the subject. Those in favor of using fluoride in the mouth are looking from the viewpoint that goes something like this, “applying fluoride on the teeth helps to reduce tooth decay so we should use it”. Those not in favor of using fluoride take a broader, more holistic view. This more general approach questions whether the benefits of using fluoride on the teeth are greater than the risks of fluoride on the health of the whole body. Since our company produces organic toothpaste alternatives, you can guess where we stand on this argument.

It would be different if using fluoride was the ONLY way to achieve greater oral health. Then we may have to weigh more closely whether the benefits of using fluoride was more important than the risks. But, there are plenty of ways to create greater oral health without using fluoride.

So, hereʼs our major concern about fluoride exposure…

Fluoride displaces iodine in the body.

There it is. Did you miss it? Doesnʼt sound like a big deal, does it?

While that doesnʼt sound so terrible, hereʼs my case for fluoride poisoning from toothpaste (and water fluoridation) being a driving cause for subclinical hypothyroidism which has direct links to all of the major modern diseases we find in our global culture.

Here is how fluoride is good for you (aka how fluoride can help you achieve your goals)…

If you want to be fat…

The thyroid gland regulates metabolism among other functions. That means that if the thyroid gland is under active, not only does our ability to burn fat diminish, our desire to even get off the couch to workout plummets too!

Our metabolic function is like the fire in every cell that keeps it moving well, kind of like the level where you car idles when at a stop light. This fire needs to be running at the right speed in order for us to live a healthy life.

If you want to be tired all day…

You see, fluorine is a halogen, chemically related to iodine, but much more active. As such, fluoride out-competes and displaces iodine at the receptor sites on the thyroid gland which respond to the thyroid stimulating hormone; so that less of this hormone reaches the thyroid gland and so less thyroid hormone is manufactured.

When the thyroid slows, so does the whole metabolism. So we find that we feel tired, and just to make it through the day find ourselves reaching for adrenal stimulants like coffee, sugar or (God forbid) Red Bull or you fill in the blank for your adrenal robber of choice.

If you want to diminish your sex drive…

Be sure to have small doses of fluoride daily. You see, a little goes a LONG way when it comes to the iodine displacing function of fluoride in the body. Donʼt worry if you arenʼt getting enough fluoride, your body doesnʼt really eliminate it very quickly so we store it up over time…

Making sure you have plenty of fluoride will ensure that you wonʼt feel like doing anything but crash when you go to bed!

If you want to be cold all the time…

Low body temperature is the easiest way to determine how well your thyroid is functioning. Here is an easy way to see where you are at with your body temp. Take your temperature first thing in the morning. Plan by bringing your thermometer with you when you go to bed and shake it down before going to bed. That way you can test your temp before you even get up to go to the bathroom in the morning. Even getting up and walking to the bath will raise your base body temp a bit. So, itʼs best to test while you are still laying in bed.

You may be surprised to find out that you arenʼt the temp we all learned when we were kids! What temp is a human? 98.6 F or 37 C. While not perfect, finding your temp below 97 is a good indicator of low thyroid function. (note here, women on their cycle should wait to test when not menstruating.)

If you want to increase your risk of all types of cancer…

Cancer thrives in a system with an under active thyroid. Cancer grows very well in a body whose fire isnʼt running at optimal function. It makes sense given that an under active, sluggish metabolism wonʼt flush toxins as well, so the toxins build up in the body. A body with low thyroid function generally becomes less efficient at processing fuel, removing toxins, and the whole system downshifts to a slow grind.

Some experts in the field of alternative, natural cancer treatments use inducing a fever in the body to fight the cancer and help restore health to the patient. You see, cancerous cells donʼt do well in a well burning, fully functioning metabolism.

There are other options. You can create greater oral health without using toxic ingredients. We offer organic, toxin free alternatives to traditional oral care products. OraWellness provides tools and techniques to help folks navigate to greater oral health.

We have several UW inspired free instructional videos on our site to help you create greater oral health in your own life.

About the authors
Will and Susan Revak are the founders of OraWellness. They began their journey to creating greater oral health in their own lives over 15 years ago. Check out Susan’s story of how she reversed the damage of advanced gum disease here!

OraWellness offers tools and educational products to help you take control of your oral health using organic ingredients and inexpensive natural solutions. Chronic bad breath, bleeding gums, and other signs of oral imbalance can be a thing of the past. Whether you are looking for gentle, effective daily care or a complete solution to effectively address oral imbalances (even advanced gum disease!), OraWellness can help. Learn more at

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10 thoughts on “Fluoride is Good for You!

  1. Alex

    Is this a joke? Why is the title “Fluroide is Good for You!?”. Unless I missed a line or two, I didn’t see anything positive about fluoride. If the title is meant to make me laugh, it didn’t work, but I assume it was just a lame attention grabber, not that the topic isn’t interesting…but just sayin.

  2. UW Sean Post author

    Check out a great book called The Case Against Fluoride. It has about 50 pages of scientific reference that back the facts above.

    I interviewed the author on my show last year. Click the Podcast link at the top of this page.

    Thanks for reading!

  3. Ken

    Hey! This is a good one! Since people are so quick to deny and dismiss the facts when you tell them what fluoride does to destroy your over-all health, using reverse psychology is a great idea!

    AJ, MS, and Alex, feel free to visit my website to learn all about those citations you’re requesting>>

    Once you see how many there are, hard-core scientific studies, that get dismissed by those following the money trail on this issue, you’ll recognize all the truth that’s being printed up above and enjoy the joke better!

    Keep up the great work, Underground Wellness :-))) The more talking about it, the more truth gets exposed all on its own in spite of the efforts to hide it or minimize it! And while the pro-fluoride cite only their own studies that are decades old and call us opponents “conspiracy nuts,” plus many other such labels, we keep exposing the facts of their conspiring to keep the millions coming into their pockets, all in the name of “helping” children–totally dismissing the many studies that show cavities are lower in non-fluoridated cities than they are in fluoridated ones! (Forsyth Dental Center, Caries Research-1981).

    We fight fluoride one county at a time over here in Utah, and have been very successful in keeping it out of almost all of them. The two counties that passed it anyway are the current targets. Have had success in parts of Washington State, also, by combining our efforts, at their invitation, with the residents there who don’t want it.

    Visit my blog any time and share what beneficial ideas you may have to assist us.


  4. Josh Frey-Vitamin Source

    Fluoride is one of those things that I’m still not convinced is as big of a problem as it’s sometimes made out to be. I know it IS dangerous, but we’re exposed to hundreds of toxins in the modern world, and the extent to which fluoride is really causing our health problems (especially compared to big catalysts such as poor nutrition) is something I’m still skeptical about. Interesting though.

    Keep up the good work Sean.

  5. Bobbie

    My husband is a welder and in his books it reads flouride mottles teeth in larger doses. My three children have never had flouride in their mouthes and the oldest is thirteen. Not one cavity yet! They just need to be breastfeed as little ones and eat a healthy diet and you will not have cavities to worry about. Especially when the amalgahm fillings are so much worse for your health. If cavities do arise, use white fillings!

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