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How to Save $$$ on Dental Bills.

OWHMSby Sean Croxton

The timing on this one could not be better.

Just yesterday, I was forced to spend some time at the auto body shop. While picking up a friend from the airport recently another driver backed into my Jeep, leaving a pretty ugly dent in the bumper.

Even though the repairs won’t be coming out of my pocket, I still got that uneasy feeling when I stepped inside the shop.

It’s funny, I can tell you almost anything about how the human body works. However, when it comes to automobiles, the extent of my knowledge is that when I turn the key my Jeep magically starts.

In other words, I’m clueless.

So you can probably imagine how edgy and suspicious I get when a mechanic gives me a quote. No one likes to be taken advantage of.

Most people get a similar feeling at the dentist’s office. I mean, not many of us are sufficiently well-versed in matters of oral health to challenge our dentist’s findings…as well as the exorbitant bill that comes with them.

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The Podcast about Gum Disease, Oral Product Ingredients, and Snakes in Your Mouth!

by Sean Croxton

Gum disease is some serious sh*t.

If you’re reading this right now and you’re over 30 years of age, there is a 90% chance that you have bugs hanging out in your mouth that cause gum disease.

I’ll never kiss another girl in my life…

In his office, my holistic dentist has a microscope hooked up to a TV screen on which he shows his patients the oral bugs they’re carrying around. Fortunately, mine was pretty clean. But when he showed me a video of what a typical patient’s oral environment looks like, it was like a scene from that movie Snakes on a Plane! The screen was overrun with little snakelike creatures called spirochetes.

Straight. Up. Craziness.

Why do I feel the need to gross you out like this? Well, because I just got done listening to the replay of last night’s UW Radio show with my main man Will Revak of OraWellness.

The show was an Instant Classic.

As Will says, gum disease is the elephant in the living room when it comes to health – no one likes to talk about it. But that definitely needs to change. If not, one-third of us will end up with no natural teeth in our mouths by the age of 65 (that’s the current statistic).

But it’s even more serious than the mere vanity of having a full set of real choppers. Being a student of the work of Weston A. Price, I learned long ago how infections in the mouth can lead to other common diseases such as heart disease, cancer, arthritis, and more.

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Fluoride is Good for You!

by Will and Susan Revak

Thanks to Seanʼs work, a lot of attention is given to the quality of food we eat, what types of food nourish us best, and above all how to use the toilet for the ultimate elimination! 🙂

When we talk about food, Sean helps us see why we want to eat natural, organic, ʻreal foodʼ and certainly choose foods free of toxic ingredients. Doesnʼt it seem appropriate to give a similar amount of consideration to the oral hygiene products we use on a daily basis?

We believe that to create optimal health and wellness we have to hold the same standard for our personal hygiene products as we do for the foods we eat to nourish our bodies.

But why do we need to put the same consideration to our oral hygiene products as we do for the foods we eat? After all, we arenʼt eating our toothpaste, right? I will let Dean Vafiadis, DDS, president and founder of the New York Smile Institute answer this question…

“Most of what you put in your mouth goes into your bloodstream, even if you don’t swallow it.” Dean Vafiadis, D.D.S.

In fact, some chemicals enter your system faster through the mouth than by the usual stomach route.

So, at this point, letʼs turn our attention and take a look at the main controversial ingredient in oral hygiene products, fluoride.

While there are valid points on each side of the fluoride argument, we have found the main difference is how broad of a perspective each side takes when viewing the subject. Those in favor of using fluoride in the mouth are looking from the viewpoint that goes something like this, “applying fluoride on the teeth helps to reduce tooth decay so we should use it”. Those not in favor of using fluoride take a broader, more holistic view. This more general approach questions whether the benefits of using fluoride on the teeth are greater than the risks of fluoride on the health of the whole body. Since our company produces organic toothpaste alternatives, you can guess where we stand on this argument.

It would be different if using fluoride was the ONLY way to achieve greater oral health. Then we may have to weigh more closely whether the benefits of using fluoride was more important than the risks. But, there are plenty of ways to create greater oral health without using fluoride.

So, hereʼs our major concern about fluoride exposure…

Fluoride displaces iodine in the body.

There it is. Did you miss it? Doesnʼt sound like a big deal, does it?

While that doesnʼt sound so terrible, hereʼs my case for fluoride poisoning from toothpaste (and water fluoridation) being a driving cause for subclinical hypothyroidism which has direct links to all of the major modern diseases we find in our global culture.