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3 Ways Exercise Can Ruin Your Sex Life.

crossfit-exhaustedby Sean Croxton

Extreme exercise is all the rage these days….

The pedal-till-you-drop spin classes.

The DVD set that left a sweat stain in your living room carpet.

The poorly-designed group workout classes that seem to serve no real purpose other than crushing you.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that these kinds of programs are all “bad”.

In fact, I’m a fan of just about anything that gets people off their butts.

Hey, if your Insanity DVDs are the only thing that get you moving, have at it. Do what works.

What concerns me is when exercise programs lead to diminishing returns, especially when they put a damper on your sex life.

I mean, if you work out to look sexy but your workouts kill your sex drive, we’ve got a problem.

So on this week’s episode of The Underground Wellness Show, Strength Coach Brett Klika and I discuss the 3 Ways Exercise Can Ruin Your Sex Life. Here they are…

1. A reduction in the hormones that make you want to have sex.

2. An increase in the hormones that make you not want to have sex.

3. An increase in body image issues, leading to diminished confidence in physical appearance.

Check out the video below to get the whole scoop.

You’ll also learn how you can schedule your workouts to allow for proper rest, better recovery, and more sex!

Visit Brett’s blog at Mark your calendars for his upcoming SexyBack Summit presentation on Sunday, May 19th.

And don’t forget to pick up your FREE One-Week Trial of The Underground Workout Manual!

Leave a comment. Let us know if you’ve ever gone overboard with your workout routine. How did you feel? What did you do about it?

See you next week!

Author, The Dark Side of Fat Loss
Dark Side of Fat Loss

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When Women Get Too Ripped.

by Sean Croxton

Where does fitness end and disease begin?

The line separating the two can be a fine one and, for most, a blur. In fact, crossing this line is often perceived as admirable, even worthy of envy.

From the outside an ultra-lean, sculptured female physique may be looked upon by her peers as a body to die for. However, from the inside it may be a body she is dying for.

Okay, maybe that’s a bit of an overstatement.

Then again, maybe not.

Working as a personal trainer for eight years and then as a diet and lifestyle coach for three, I learned many lessons. The lesson I will share with you today is this:

Looks can be deceiving.

In every gym exists at least one woman rocking a bra top to show off all eight of her abs. The one who seems to be there no matter what time you go. The one who women gawk at more than the men.

My female training clients would often express envy over this woman, however unbeknownst to the damage taking place beneath the hard-bodied surface.

Looks can kill you.

Oh, there I go again…

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Can Too Much Exercise Cause Adrenal Dysfunction?

by Sean Croxton and Reed Davis

If I could turn back the hands of time and become a personal trainer again, I would do a LOT of things differently.

Of course, I would NOT have put my clients on the Food Guide Pyramid diet plan. Whoops!

But in hindsight, I think one of my biggest mistakes was pushing so much cardio on my clients. If you’ve read the intro to my ebook — which you can get for free HERE — you’re familiar with my old “cardio sign-in sheets”.

Each week, I assigned my clients a specific number of calories to burn off on their cardio machine(s) of choice. For example, if the goal was to burn 5000 calories in a week, clients were required to document each cardio session on the sign-in sheet that hung up in my office. For some, a 5000-calorie objective called for five 1000-calorie sessions over a seven-day period. This could take as long as 2 hours a day for my smaller clients. Sometimes, they even had to pull double-duty, coming in twice a day to meet their weekly goals.


What drove me bat-sh*t crazy was the fact that, despite these arduous cardio sessions in addition to severely calorie-restricted diets, most clients wouldn’t drop a single pound. Some even gained weight. It was the most perplexing thing ever!

Fast forward half a decade, and I finally learned the truth about why my approach was failing over and over again. Not only were my clients consuming the wrong foods, but the majority of them actually needed LESS exercise.

My clients were already stressed out enough as it was — emotionally, financially, socially, and spiritually. My methods of gross overtraining were only making matters worse.

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FFD Workout: Build Muscle and Burn Fat with Eccentric Training!

by Sean Croxton & Brett Klika

Yo! What’s Up, Y’all!

Miss me?

Sorry for the long delay between posts. We’re still grinding away on the Real Food Summit, which launches in exactly one month! I’m pretty pumped about it. If you haven’t heard, this summit will feature LIVE daily Q&A sessions on UW Radio. I’m still figuring out the schedule, but our day one presenters will be Joel Salatin, Chris Kresser, and David Getoff. The lineup is LOADED. Stay tuned.

So, I asked you guys on Facebook a couple weeks ago what kind of workout video you wanted Brett and I to shoot. The overwhelming response was for us to do one on eccentric training, a style of training that Jonathan Bailor — author of The Smarter Science of Slim — and I chatted about on THIS RADIO SHOW.

According to Jonathan’s research, eccentric training is the BEST way to build muscle and lose fat. Interestingly enough, not many of us are doing it.

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FFD Workout: The Memorial Day Mash!

by Sean Croxton & Brett Klika

Memorial Day weekend is upon us.

So since you have a whole extra day to yourself, why not squeeze in a workout???

Back by popular demand, Brett Klika and I got together yesterday to shoot a new episode of our Friday Fun Day workouts.

In this episode, we keep it simple with some funky push-ups, pull-ups, and split squats.

These will get your heart rate up!!!

Try them out for yourself. You can do all three movements back-to-back-to-back in a circuit for multiple sets, or you can take your time and gear it to your own fitness level.