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The Man is a Genius. (My Interview with Will Allen!)

willby Sean Croxton

I admit it. I was super nervous about this interview.

It’s not often that I get to interview someone who has been awarded the MacArthur Foundation Genius Grant.

I remember the first time I ever heard of Will Allen. An old personal training client told me about all the good Will was doing in Milwaukee, providing access to real food in the inner city.

Maybe a year later, I reviewed a movie called Fresh, in which Will was featured. I can vividly call him shouting, “Let’s DO this!” to a group of volunteers on his urban farm called Growing Power.

Yup, Will is a doer. He grows food where you would least expect it, using earthworm poop to maximize soil quality, food scraps and paper products for compost, hoop houses to grow crops out of season, and aquaponics to grow over a 100,000 fish indoors.

A genius, indeed.

While I was at the Grass Valley Food and Farm Conference a few weeks ago, I not only got to introduce Will to the attendees but I got to sit down with him and pick his big brain for a bit.

Definitely one of the highlights of my life.

Click below to get to know more about Will Allen. The man is amazing.


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