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FFD Workout – DO This at Home!!

by Sean Croxton & Brett Klika

Happy Friday, peeps!

It was kind of a busy week here in UW Land. Allyson and I didn’t get a chance to film a new video for Friday Fun Day.

BUT I went through my iMovie and found a ton of footage Brett and I filmed for The Underground Workout Manual.

So I put about 10 exercises together in the video below, moving back and forth from upper- to lower-body. Do them as a circuit or just use them for ideas for creative, new stuff to add to your routine.

This footage is from the first round of Workout Manual filming. We ditched this cheap stuff and went with a professional cameraman/editor for the manual available now.

The Underground Workout Manual is LOADED with over 80 exercise videos.

Minimal equipment needed.

Twelve weeks of workouts.

Five days a week.

You never do the same workout twice!

And it’s only $39.

Order your manual HERE!

Happy Weekend. See you Monday!

Sean Croxton
Author, The Dark Side of Fat Loss