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#311 – Women, Food, and Desire

Guest: Alexandra Jamieson

Alex Jamieson

Alexandra Jamieson returns to the show to discuss her outstanding, new book Women, Food, and Desire.

Here are my notes:

3:54 – The one question you must answer for yourself to live a better life.

6:30 – How fear and habits could be holding you back.

12:02 – Why your desires will always come back to food – and how to use them to make better choices.

16:04 – The 4 root causes of all your cravings.

21:32 – Lose the guilt over physical and emotional cravings. It’s human nature!

24:19 -Transforming bad food habits into good ones. Hint: Try bathroom aerobics.

27:30 – How to tell if your cravings are really a problem or just a pleasure.

31:39 – Alex gets super honest about her personal life and the healing power of sharing her story.

37:20 – Dating and diets: it’s all about finding the right fit.

39:55 – Your diet: much more than what you put in your mouth.

41:24 – Why we need to get honest about what we need and how we want to feel.

44:30 – The no-win game of comparison and body hate and how to surround yourself with support for better health.

52:13 – How to use the power of food and desire to improve your relationships and your life – and have more fun while you do it.




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