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I Want My GMO Check!

by Sean Croxton

I want my GMO check.

I’m ready to get paid.

Every so often I cop a squat at Whole Foods and flip through a weekly publication called the San Diego Reader. The Reader is the go-to magazine for finding fun stuff to do in SD, and best of all it’s FREE.

In order to make such a widely circulating publication available at no charge, advertiser funding is a must. Crack open this week’s Reader and you’ll surely find the first twenty pages or so crammed with ads for gastric bypass surgeries, anti-aging potions, and a plethora of hair loss cures.

The ads that stand out to me the most are the ones seeking participants for prescription drug trials. You know, the ones that shout out in big letters…




If so, you’re asked to dial 1-800-GUINEA-PIG to learn how you can take part in a study testing the efficacy of a new breakthrough drug. In fact, they’ll even pay for your participation. Easy money. It’s the best of both worlds — a company pays you cash to help solve your health challenge with the latest in pharmaceutical technology. In today’s economy, for many people, this is a no-brainer.

Then again, subjecting oneself to a relatively untested drug may come at a cost. To be one of the first to consume a brand new combination of chemicals never before encountered by any human body in the history of Earth is quite the precarious situation to be in. You would not believe the stories I have read about these trials — the unforeseen side effects, the sky-high drop-out rates, the deaths.

Yes, people die.

Subjects are paid in exchange for the data they provide as well as the risks they take. All are informed of the drug’s potential benefits and its side effects, otherwise known as informed consent. There are no guarantees. That’s why these studies are called trials. Who know’s what’s going to happen.

As insane as these trials may seem, I must remind myself that this is America, a country where we are free to choose what we wish to do with our bodies; a place where we can legally end pregnancies (whether you agree with it or not); where you can cover every inch of yourself in piercings and tattoo ink; and where you can willingly sign up to be a pharma company’s guinea pig for a payday.

America is also a place where we are free to choose the foods we wish to put into our own bodies…

Or maybe not.

In a country so perched on the bedrock of choice, it is ironic that a freedom so basic as choosing the foods with which we wish to nourish ourselves has fallen by the wayside.

No, our government does not make us eat anything, rather it has enrolled each and every one of us into its own nationwide food experiment. This uncontrolled trial is known as the genetic modification (GMO) of our food supply. We are guinea pigs consuming foods unfit for guinea pigs.

No ad was posted in the Reader.

No phone number to dial.

No informed consent.

And of course, no payday.

I want my GMO check. Like today.

I want my GMO check for the many years I was clueless about the dangers of GM foods, all because the FDA — and the companies responsible for genetic modification — thought it would better if I did not know.

I want my GMO check for the FDA’s failure to follow its own scientific staff’s conclusion that these foods are not to be presumed safe and may in fact be dangerous. Instead, this evidence was hidden.

I want my GMO check for the possibility that the genetically-modified Bt corn — you know, the one that makes its own pesticide — is breaking open the cells that line my gastrointestinal tract, leading to leaky gut syndrome, food sensitivities, autoimmunity, cancer, and more.

I want my GMO check for the possibility that the Roundup Ready soy I used to frequently consume may be transferring its DNA to my gut bacteria, as reported by a human feeding study. Not good.

I want my GMO check to cover what I paid in taxes to cover what I have contributed to the cleaning up of our waterways polluted by the ever-rising use of chemicals on GM fields.

I want my GMO check because I was intentionally not allowed to choose between GMO and non-GMO foods due to industry’s influence over government. As of now, no labeling is required.

I want my GMO check because I am not a guinea pig. I am an American. Must I remind my own government of the precepts upon which it was founded.

As a participant in this stealth feeding trial, I — and the other 300 million unwitting subjects — request payment for the data I provided, the risks I took, and the side effects I experienced.

Pay me.

And next time let me choose.

Sean Croxton
Author, The Dark Side of Fat Loss
Dark Side of Fat Loss



11 thoughts on “I Want My GMO Check!

  1. Sandy E.

    Very well said Sean!!! I want my check too!!! I forgot that you were a Californian! I know that if you plug Prop 37 on your podcast we will get a ton of people to vote yes. I just saw Genetic Roulette. Saw Jeffery Smith, Ronnie Cummings, Don Huber, Percy Schmiser and a bunch of leading authorities speak at the National Heirloom Expo in Santa Rosa, CA. You should check it out next year when we will be celebrating the victory over labeling GMO’s!!

  2. Baris

    So perfect! It is so sad in such a technically advance society we still struggle with lapses in common sense.

    Darren I’m right there with you, To the FDA, Monsanto, and Dupont… F*** You…Pay Me!

  3. John

    Has anyone made the connection that Obamacare is like closing the barn door after the horses have escaped? Or, to use another analogy, it’s like cleaning up the mess after a bomb has exploded – the bomb in this case being our poisoned food supply. With healthy food we wouldn’t need so much health care!

  4. ad ligtvoet

    Hi Sean,
    Many thanks for making the film available via your site.Very coincidentally just after watching the film I read a article in our local newspaper about this issue.The european union wanted to research very fast the results of the use of gmo since research rats eating gmo food died earlier compared to the ones not eating it.Now , in europe there are thighter rules for gmo then in the US.But animals may eat gmo food like the corn since(drumrolls)…the gmo in the food will be broken down in the stomach of e.g cows and thereby the meat from them cause no harm to humans.This is also stated on the nutrition centre of the netherlands.Also when gmo’s are in products below a certain amount it doesn’t have to be stated on the product ,like cheese and the enzymes in them.Hmmm…makes me even more suspecious about the food I buy even when buyed on the weekly market.I buy often OLdAmsterdam cheese and now went to their site and asked whether they used in any and I mean any way gmo’s.Curious what they will answer me.The positive thing I read also in that newspaper was the explosion of people renting some space on the vegetable gardens and growing their own veggies.On the great scale still a minority but all this in the end will make sure we can make healthier choise without retracing and studying every product ,things will be better.
    I constantly feel like speaking to a wall when discussing nutrition and it’s impact with friends ,family etc. since they just don’t know on a cellular level the impact of it , but now with this gmo dvd I have another strong partner in opening their eyes to see how the wish to earn money by the bad guys by doing the things they do and that they themselves can change things by”voting with their money”.
    Again , thanks a lot and keep on throwing the truth bombs.
    ad ligtvoet

  5. Theophilus

    Why do people insist on calling “ObamaCare” HEALTH care? It’s DEATH care. (Aka EUGENICS). Call it what it is. Pharmaceuticals are the 4th leading cause of death currently and Obama”Care” has a provision to withhold life saving drugs from those that are deemed “unprofitable” (not a wage slave/taxpayer). I haven’t set foot in a doctor’s office in over 12 years and God willing, I will never set foot in one again. They are all brainwashed and in collusion together with Big Pharma and the banker controlled government. Even Bayer aspirin is manufactured by the Rothschild cartel (Bauer/Bayer). You know, the ones who start all the wars on false grounds and fund every side in order to profit further by stealing resources and controlling countries with their paper money and usary. All while brainwashed military fanatics claim they are “fighting for our freedom.” Hogwash. They are hired killers for the banksters! Our elections have been reduced to the people choosing who will be the next “hired servants” of the power elites from a list preapproved by these SAME elites. We are being poisoned on every front! The globalists are destroying civilization, all in the name of profit and power! The FDA is merely a corrupt corporate slave, working to disempower and disadvantage the citizens of America. Face it, you are manipulated from cradle to grave. You can choose to respond as they wish, ie. salivate when the bell rings, or you can educate yourselves and fight them by failing to respond as they wish. And don’t forget not to vote!

  6. Bailey

    I wonder what’s on their tables? Do they eat the same GMO foods as the rest of us – they should since they claim it’s safe to consume. There is a reason that most European countries ban GMO’s….I like the KISS concept here – keep it simple stupid! So Sean, well said and keep this in the forefront.

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