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The Podcast about How to Boost Testosterone and Be a Better Man. (# 216)

Testosterone-21by Sean Croxton

Here’s an alarming stat…

Researchers from Massachusetts found that the average man’s testosterone (not just older men) has dropped 22% in the last 20 years, and that one out of every four men has below average testosterone.

That’s no bueno, friends!

Testosterone is what makes men…well, men.

It is responsible for our sex drives, our ambition, our sense of well being, and a whole bunch of other important stuff.

When testosterone is low, it is almost impossible to be the best versions of ourselves. We become ordinary, not the alphas we were intended to be.

My friends Adam and Roman, co-authors of Man 2.0: Engineering the Alpha, stopped by the show last week to discuss all things alpha, including how to balance male hormones naturally through diet, lifestyle, mindset, and exercise.

To listen to our podcast, click the player at the bottom of this post.

Here are my notes…

3:30 – Another awkward live radio moment
5:45 – Redefining the alpha man
7:08 – Stop defining yourself by other people
7:45 – Alpha trait: Be prideful but not arrogant
9:34 – Alpha trait: Be dedicated but not obsessed
12:36 – Toeing the line between genius and obsession
13:12 – Alpha rule: Answer all insults with a smile
15:45 – Success is the best revenge
17:07 – Why are so many ordinary and so few alpha?
20:33 – It starts with psychology
21:51 – How hormonal dysfunction can create an ordinary life
22:20 – Sex drive and ambition come from the same place
23:50 – Your greatness threshold
25:52 – Why Todd Durkin is a beast!
26:55 – Low T: It’s not just an issue for older guys
29:17 – Lifestyle factors that offset the natural decline of testosterone
31:40 – Red meat, cholesterol, and testosterone production
33:08 – What Star Wars has to do with fitness
40:51 – Lies, Myths, and Why Men are Fat!
41:00 – Why breakfast is NOT the most important meal of the day
44:45 – Why eating at night is one of the BEST things for your body
47:50 – How cheat days keep your metabolism up while dieting
51:44 – The top 3 benefits of the feast-fast model
55:44 – How to reset your sensitivity to insulin
57:16 – Shout out to Martin Berkhan 🙂
58:18 – Caller Q: How to boost testosterone through weight training
1:02:15 – How lactic acid production increases growth hormone
1:05:53 – The final phase of fat loss
1:09:55 – Caller Q: Tips for coming off of testosterone gel
1:14:22 – Caller Q: How to keep from losing testosterone while dieting
1:18:56 – Wrapping up

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Don’t miss tomorrow’s episode with Dr. Peter Glidden, author of The MD Emperor Has No Clothes.


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2 thoughts on “The Podcast about How to Boost Testosterone and Be a Better Man. (# 216)

  1. Tom

    I totally agree with you that men need testosterone! Lower testosterone levels definitely a big factor to why older men have lower energy and less intimacy with their partners. Cheers for the great post!

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