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Top 5 Things You Didn’t Know about Gluten Sensitivity!

1012-glutenby Sean Croxton

The doctor is in the house.

And, as always, he’s packing nothing but truth bombs!

Yesterday, gluten superhero Dr. Tom O’Bryan stopped by the studio to share a handful of facts that you probably didn’t know about gluten sensitivity.

If you’re dealing with headaches, skin problems, fatigue, mood issues, or know a child with celiac disease, you’ll want to check this out.

Here’s what you’ll learn…

* The connection between recurrent headaches, dead brain tissue, and gluten consumption.

* How skin problems can be the sole manifestation of gluten sensitivity.

* How removing gluten from the diet may be the key to restoring your energy and vitality.

* Why getting off of gluten can be so difficult, and how to find a trained Certified Gluten Practitioner to help you with the transition.

* Why there is a 40-96% increased risk of suicide in children with celiac disease versus non-celiac children.

* How people with celiac disease who consume gluten once a month are six times more likely to die early in life compared to the general population. Wait until you hear how much gluten we’re talking about!

* Why kids diagnosed with celiac disease are three times more likely to die early in life with or without a gluten-free diet.

Check out the video below to hear Dr. Tom tell it. Share your thoughts and comments below!

Be sure to check Dr. O’Bryan’s site at

He’s the man.


Author, The Dark Side of Fat Loss
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4 thoughts on “Top 5 Things You Didn’t Know about Gluten Sensitivity!

  1. Derek

    Peter Glidden mentioned Oats the other day as a form of gluten, even if the oats (as in oatmeal) are listed as certified GF. Can you an/or Dr Tom comment on oats and why they are not acceptable (beyond the cross-contamination argument)

    Thank you

  2. Brandon

    Can you provide a link to the article mentioned “Should We Be Nervous About Gluten Sensitivity?”?

    Also, can you provide a link to where we can hear or buy the all day seminar he mentioned about reversing the brain lesions?

  3. Janet

    What you should be nervous about is the fact when you do bring your kid in for depression you will be handed a prescription for meds. I brought my 12 yr old son in to the doctors as he was getting very depressed and withdrawn and started to develop a tick in his eye and neck (neck rolling). I, fortunately, played around with an elimination diet to control my autoimmune issues and was able to get off my medications for arthritis and psoriasis. I can’t be tested for Celiac as I won’t introduce gluten back into my diet even to confirm a diagnosis. I asked the doctor to do blood work for my son to test for Celiac and was declined. He doesn’t exhibit any intestinal issues so apparently there is no risk of Celiac. I asked for bloodwork and still had resistance but I wanted to know at least his iron, b12 and vit d. Well, the kid is anaemic. We eat red meat 3-4 times per week, seeds, eggs, supplements, fortified cereals it didn’t make sense. I pulled him off gluten anyways and he is thriving now. He also gained 15 lbs in six weeks and the ticks were gone in four months. I am very angry at our medical system as even my progress is linked to coincidence. There really isn’t much help for people like us in this situation so I am thankful to get any information to learn more.

  4. Cale

    I would never have known. I have been in asia for some time and gluten is at a min. So i have noticed a change

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