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#326 – How to Make New Habits Stick!

Guest: Gretchen Rubin

Gretchen Rubin, bestselling author of The Happiness Project and Better than Before, reveals 8 effective strategies for creating new habits and how to exploit your own personality type to make your habits stick.

Here are my notes:

2:21 – Why do we do what we do, why are we the way that we are? How Gretchen got into the business of happiness and habits.

4:05 – The puzzle of habits: Why sometimes we can change and sometimes we can’t – even if we want to.

6:05 – When it comes to habits and expectations, there are only four types of people. Which type are you?

8:40 – Can people change? How to bust through the limitations of your habit tendencies to live more consistently with your nature.

12:04 – The 4 foundational things you need to get a handle on to master your good habits and eliminate the need for willpower.

14:42 – The importance of getting control over (or getting rid of!) the “stuff” in your life.

17:58 – Should you be monitoring your habits? The benefit of knowing where you are at all times and who this strategy might work for.

24:34 – Why going public with your goals could be good for you – and why some people should keep it secret.

25:58 – The danger of YOLO and the vicious start/stop cycle and how you can reframe habit stops and backslides for major success.

29:29 – The all-powerful lightning bolt: how people and habits really CAN change overnight!

32:54 – Abstainers vs. moderators. Why some people need it to be “all or nothing” and how it out could make all your cravings disappear.

39:33 – Are rewards and values undermining your habits? How to set up rewards to make your habits stronger…and when it’s OK to admit that you don’t even want to try.

46:37 – The real reason we want new habits and how they can make your life “Better Than Before.”

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#325 – Natural Tips for Beating Brain Fog

Guest: Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo, CS

This week on the podcast, Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo — founder of the Institute of Nutritional Endocrinology — shares her best tips for beating brain fog.

Here are my notes:

4:56 – How Dr. Ritamarie turned her health around after living life in the fast lane and being prescribed medications for conditions she didn’t even have!

16:55 – Brain fog: Is it normal or just common? What the difference is and how to know if you have a problem.

19:03 – Fat is your friend: what you brain really needs for nourishment and the best places can get it.

23:46 – Too much stress? How it could be affecting you memory and what you can use to ease stress-induced damage and keep your brain cells firing fast enough.

29:21 – Keeping your brain (and blood sugar levels!) healthy. JERF!

33:33 – How vegans can get the nutrients they need and why you might need to supplement … no matter what you’re eating.

35:20 – The Cortisol Connection: how your thyroid and adrenals might be affecting your brain.

38:20 – Brain fog after breakfast? Why it’s happening and what you should be eating to avoid a mid-day crash.

40:33 – How to lift your brain fog with one breath in one minute!

44:26 – Even MORE reasons to get off the gluten.

46:48 – The brain fog tips roundup and the best place to start to clear up your brain fog.

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#324 – The Obesity Paradox

Guest: Dr. Chip Lavie, MD

Dr. Chip Lavie, author of The Obesity Paradox, reveals why thinner can mean sicker and heavier can mean healthier. Find out why being oveweight or obese on the BMI scale can protect those with heart disease, diabetes, HIV, arthritis, cancer, and more. You’ll also learn what REALLY matter when it comes to longevity. And why endurance training can actually shorten your lifespan.

Here are my notes:

2:26 – How Dr. Lavie discovered The Obesity Paradox almost by mistake. Do overweight, obese or people of normal weight have the better prognosis?

8:29 – Death by weight: What a huge study of 2.9 million people showed us about weight and mild obesity.

10:42 – Are the obese doing really well or is everyone else just really bad? The connection between your BMI, body fat percentage and muscle mass.

16:24 – Some surprising stats bust through common myths about weight and disease and what it means to be “metabolically healthy” regardless of how much you weigh.

19:32 – Calories in vs. calories out: a different take from Dr. Lavie and where/when he thinks we’ve gone wrong.

24:00 – What fitness really means when it comes to the obesity paradox and why a little extra weight does not equal doomsday.

27:27 – Does it matter where your fat is? How some of your fat could be protecting you (thank your thighs!)

32:15 – FIT vs. FAT. Which one always wins the fight for your health and why.

35:39 – “Fit” isn’t as hard as it sounds: the best ways to move (and eat) to maximize long-term benefits.

42:33 – The future of fat: Will we ever be able to accept it?

44:46 – The obesity overlap and why it is so hard to prove whether or not it is a disease or just guilty by association.

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#323 – The Hormone Reset Diet

Guest: Dr. Sara Gottfried

Dr. Sara Gottfried, author of The Hormone Reset Diet, returned to the podcast to reveal how you can balance your hormones and heal your metabolism through diet and lifestyle changes.

Here are my notes:

3:01 – Cravings for Grandma’s chocolate chip cookie dough turned into disordered eating as a teen … and maybe set Dr. Sara up for adult hormone challenges.

8:25 – Are women expected to be everything to everyone all the time? How society’s expectations of women could be leading to addictive behaviors.

10:58 – Madonna helps Dr. Sara dump out her body image shame bucket and find clarity to make a change – and teach other women how to do it too.

13:57 – Why is alternative medicine the 2nd class citizen? The hierarchy of medicine and the reason there isn’t better nutrition science.

18:11 – How modern meat could be making your breasts and hips bigger than they should be … and what you can do to “poop out” some extra estrogen.

29:48 – The subtleties of coffee science: why the final answer on whether or not to drink it will always be “it depends.”

36:27 – The reason you might not be able to hear your body say “dude, put the fork down.”

40:32 – Dr. Sara’s favorite supplements ever for balancing hormones and blood sugar.

42:01 – What fat-free potato chips have to do with reducing your toxic load … and why you probably shouldn’t eat them anyways.

44:45 – More about The Hormone Reset Diet, who it’s for (not just women!) and why you need to be thinking about your cells AND your soul

47:38 – Get your free Hormone Reset Cookbook!

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#322 – Is Alzheimer’s Type 3 Diabetes?

Guest: Dr. Brian Mowll

Dr. Brian Mowll, host of the upcoming Diabetes Summit, discusses how insulin resistance in the brain may be at the root of Alzheimer’s and dementia. And what you can do about it!

Here’s what you’ll learn:

2:10 – How The Diabetes Coach came to be and found his passion for helping people lost in the medical system with whole body diabetes care.

5:45 – It’s not just your genes. The Diabetes-Alzheimer’s connection, the diabetes spectrum and what happens when your body and your brain is “bathing in insulin.”

12:30 – Brain food: the biggest feeder on sugar in your body and what it means for insulin.

16:13 – This is your brain on fire – the vicious cycle of plaque, tangles and inflammation that is preventing your brain from working right.

25:25 – Is insulin resistance affecting your mood or is your mood affecting your insulin levels? Here’s why it might not even matter.

26:42 – The ADA’s “appetite for profit” and how money is influencing the standard of care for diabetics.

30:27 – “There’s no evidence that sugar has anything to do with diabetes.” Is sugar really to blame or should we give it a break?

33:48 – Dr. Mowll recommendations (with some surprises) for preventing and maybe even reversing Type 3 Diabetes and Alzheimer’s.

40:10 – Is your fat protecting you? How cutting too many carbs can cause a problem and why a little extra weight might not always be a bad thing.

46:19 – Supplements and nutrients vital to blood sugar regulation plus some medications you might want to avoid!


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#321 – Are Real Foods Making You Sick?

Guest: Tom Malterre

Tom Malterre, author of The Elimination Diet, stops by to reveal how you can discover exactly which foods that are making you sick and tired.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

1:35 – Chef Lance drops by the show with a special bone broth announcement.

7:36 – What makes Tom a “research machine” and how research proves that our diseases are NOT a coincidence.

11:44 – What “normal” should really feel like and how the elimination diet became a “magic wand” for eliminating symptoms.

18:34 – Are you going to trust the lab or listen to your body? The intolerance/allergy scale, the limitations of testing, and the #1 way to discover your trigger foods.

24:43 – The usual suspects: what the most common allergens are up to once they’re in your body.

29:55 – The right place at the right time, or too much of a good thing? How unexpected allergens (like chocolate!) might be wearing down your body.

36:45 – The #1 most irritating thing to your intestinal tract .. and maybe your entire body.

44:28 – How environmental toxins can cause food sensitivities almost overnight!

48:09 – 3 major ways toxins contribute to your food sensitivities.

52:04 – Natural substitutes for the harmful chemicals behind the drastic rise of Type 2 Diabetes, obesity and other disease.


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#320 – Vaccines, HPV, and $7M!

Guest: Jeff Hays

Jeff Hays — producer of the new documentary Bought — reveals The Truth Behind Vaccines, Big Pharma, & Your Food.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

3:22 – The motivation behind Bought.

7:44 – The only person’s opinion that really matters … and how the movie changed Jeff’s view on vaccines.

11:18 – Why there isn’t more research linking autism and vaccines, and whether or not we’ll ever know if vaccines are to blame.

13:12 – The “very profitable business with no downside” that can produce “inherently and unavoidably unsafe” vaccines without being sued for damages.

17:07 – Playing vaccine whack-a-mole: the unintended consequences of making vaccines safer.

20:14 – The evolution of the vaccine injury compensation plan and who really ends up paying it.

23:50 – Why the vaccine schedule has never been studied and why it’s such a big problem.

25:47 – The dangerous vaccine being recommended to young women and how it got to the market as “safe.”

31:59 – What Wall Street has to do with your doctor and how it’s affecting drug and vaccine studies and the future of our health.

36:18 – A few important questions we really need to start asking ourselves and how “Bought” can help us do it.