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Friday Fun Day: Late Edition!

by Sean Croxton & Ryan Gallop

Yeah, I know it’s Wednesday! But we can just act like it’s Friday.

Today, I’m getting caught up with posting the latest YouTube videos to the UW website. After a couple of months of writing my upcoming e-book The Dark Side of Fat Loss: Lessons from the Underground, I’m really excited about getting back in my groove and doing some blogging and shooting videos. Expect the book to be available in late-July or early August. The feedback so far has been phenomenal.

In this episode of Friday Fun Day, Ryan Gallop of EZIA Human Performance returns to UW for a pretty grueling medicine ball workout. Here are the movements:

* Med Ball Burpees with Slam
* Single-Legged Quarter Squat with Rotation
* Single-Legged Deadlift with Overhead Press
* Oblique Sit-Ups with Slam
* Indo Board Close-Grip Pushups – ORDER your Indo Board HERE!

You can do these one at a time or go back-to-back for 2-4 circuits. Do what you can do!

Have fun!


Sean Croxton
Author, The Dark Side of Fat Loss



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