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MORE Grow Your Own!

by Sean Croxton & Kirk Hensler

The Underground Wellness Garden is soaking up these hot San Diego sun rays. And in a few weeks, we’ll be able to harvest our spinach, squash, and tomatoes. Super jazzed about growing (and eating) my own food!

I’m a little behind with bringing you the latest installments of our Grow Your Own series. So, below you will find episodes 2 through 4.

In Episode 2, Kirk Hensler of Hale Holistic and I show you how to put together you own grow box. Pretty easy peezy!

In Episode 3, Kirk shows us how to plant our starters.

And in the fourth episode, we sow our seeds.

Be on the lookout for the fifth installment later this week. Watering plants is pretty easy, BUT you want to be sure that you’re not feeding your plants toxic water. We’ll give you the scoop!

I’ll be headed back to Hale on Friday. Our seeds are sprouting. My babies are here!!!

Thanks for tuning in!

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