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The Podcast about Gluten-Free Lies, Leaky Gut, & JERFing. (#218)

sad-breadby Allyson the Assistant

As many of you know, Sean has been feeling a bit under the weather this week so I’m stepping in to share with you guys some awesome info from Dr. Peter Osborne’s show on UW Radio last week, The Gluten Free Lie.

May 18th will mark my 3-year anniversary working for Sean and let me tell you, since then, I’ve learned a TON about the evils of gluten.

But the coolest thing about working for Sean is that I’m always learning more. I know consuming gluten is linked to developing autoimmune disease, but listening to Dr. Osborne’s podcast really helped shed some light on the science behind it.

Simply put, ignoring a gluten sensitivity leads to leaky gut.

And leaky gut leads to autoimmune disease.

How can this happen?

The cells in the gut that line the intestine are tightly bound together to keep bacteria and toxins from the food we eat inside the GI tract, preventing them from getting into the bloodstream.

Gluten can cause the gut cells to open up and drift apart, allowing food proteins to slip between the cells. Since 80% of our immune systems resides in the lymphatic system behind the gut wall, the escaped food proteins start to cause an immune reaction.

Here’s the kicker – molecular mimicry.

Some of the foods we eat have similar protein structures as other parts of our body such as cartilage, thyroid, and liver tissue. Once the immune system gets used to reacting to the food leaked from the gut, it can start looking at these structures in our body and think, “these guys look similar, let’s attack them too!” Thus creating autoimmunity.

I’d heard about leaky gut and tight junctions, but this concept really helped me make sense of it all.

Another big thing I learned from Dr. Osborne was what he classifies to be gluten. But you’re going to have to listen to the entire show for that.

I promise you’ll be surprised. Click on the player at the bottom of the post to learn more

Here are my notes…

3:18 – How Dr. Osborne got into gluten research
3:54 – “This is a miserable field to work in because nobody ever gets better”
4:24 – 3 things in medical literature to arrest autoimmune disease
5:00 – Gluten – the agreed upon culprit for autoimmune disease
6:23 – The difference between Celiac disease and gluten sensitivity
7:10 – Why gluten sensitivity is not a disease
7:45 – Can somebody acquire a gluten sensitivity?
8:35 – Turning gluten sensitivity on
9:35 – Sean’s stress response
10:33 – Can stress trigger leaky gut?
11:12 – Is Sean allergic to eggs?
11:42 – 190 diseases associated with gluten consumption
12:06 – Your thyroid and the immune system
12:41 – Can gluten alter gut bacteria?
13:53 – “We know that gluten can impact any tissue in the body”
14:13 – What is leaky gut?
15:34 – Problems with leaky gut
16:25 – What gets through the leaky gut gate?
17:23 – Why does gluten cause so many problems?
18:36 – Caller Q – Besides removing foods from diet, are there other ways to heal the gut?
19:36 – Get the grain out!
21:28 – The Gluten Free Lie
23:10 – Why a traditional “gluten free” diet doesn’t work for Celiac disease
24:53 – Playing nutritional roulette
25:52 – Proof that JERF works
26:46 – What about beans and nuts?
29:36 – Does sprouting and soaking help the digestion process?
31:03 – Is gluten free for everyone?
32:20 – Listener Q – Are there false negatives in genetic testing?
34:10 – Was grain once ban for sale in the US?
35:53 – Caller Q – Can you leak oxilates through leaky gut and and not other foods?
38:50 – Delayed reactions to foods
40:11 – Caller Q – Can you add back in foods you were once sensitive to?
42:05 – Facebook Q – Are coconut products tolerated for those with leaky gut?
43:10 – Caller Q – Does eating grain-fed meat defeat the purpose of eating a paleo diet?
44:10 – Caller Q – Can you test for leaky gut?
45:01 – Caller Q – How do you know if your Hashimoto’s is under control?
47:00 – Caller Q – Why aren’t polysaccharides mentioned with regards to Celiac disease?
52:25 – Caller Q – What is the relationship between Tourettes, Autism, gluten and vaccines?
57:09 – Caller Q – Using nutritional supplements if you have gut permeability issues?
58:38 – Thyroid medication contains gluten
1:00:53 – Caller Q – Do you recommend applied kinesiology for gluten sensitivity?
1:06:08 – Caller Q – What tests do you run to know if the paleo diet works for you?
1:08:18 – Caller Q – What are your opinions on the GAPS diet?
1:08:47 – Caller Q – Is there really no cure for Hashimoto’s?
1:10:25 – Dr. Osborne’s Gluten Free Society

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Check out this video clip about The Gluten-Free Lie!

Enjoy the show!

Allyson Drosten-Brooks
World’s Greatest Assistant (Sean wrote that!)
Dark Side of Fat Loss



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