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The Milk-Gluten Connection (Devil in the Milk #3)

by Sean Croxton

It just keeps getting more and more interesting.

While I was reading Devil in the Milk I couldn’t help but notice how similar A1 milk is to gluten when it comes to opiate-like effects on the brain.

So, in this video I discuss what A1 milk has to do with Type 1 diabetes, and what gluten and BCM7 have to do with schizophrenia and fat loss.

You’ll also learn what Gatorade has to do with autism research. Who knew?

Click the video below and prepare to be truth bombed.


Sean Croxton
Author, The Dark Side of Fat Loss



3 thoughts on “The Milk-Gluten Connection (Devil in the Milk #3)

  1. mike

    is the raw milk from Organic Pastures A2 milk? you said in your Book you get your raw milk from there, well turns out they have a convenient location near me and was wondering if you checked up with them to see if their milk is A2.

    book is awesome by the way, almost done with it.

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