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#151: How Self Image is the Key to Real Results

Deb Cheslow & Angie Flynn

Guests: Deb Cheslow & Angie Flynn

Deb Cheslow and Angie Flynn, authors of Release: The Simple Success Solution for Real and Permanent Weight Loss, return to UW Radio to explain how the achievement of our goals depends on the state of our self-image.

In other words, you can force it all you want but the self-image always wins. Self-sabotage is rooted in the incongruency between the self-image and our goals.

Topics include:

– How the programming we inherited from our parents during our early years may lie at the root of an inability to lose fat for good

– How to push through the all-too-familiar Terror Barrier

– The key to replacing bad habits with good ones

– The difference between hoping versus deciding a program will work.

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