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#321 – Are Real Foods Making You Sick?

Guest: Tom Malterre

Tom Malterre

Tom Malterre, author of The Elimination Diet, stops by to reveal how you can discover exactly which foods that are making you sick and tired.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

1:35 – Chef Lance drops by the show with a special bone broth announcement.

7:36 – What makes Tom a “research machine” and how research proves that our diseases are NOT a coincidence.

11:44 – What “normal” should really feel like and how the elimination diet became a “magic wand” for eliminating symptoms.

18:34 – Are you going to trust the lab or listen to your body? The intolerance/allergy scale, the limitations of testing, and the #1 way to discover your trigger foods.

24:43 – The usual suspects: what the most common allergens are up to once they’re in your body.

29:55 – The right place at the right time, or too much of a good thing? How unexpected allergens (like chocolate!) might be wearing down your body.

36:45 – The #1 most irritating thing to your intestinal tract .. and maybe your entire body.

44:28 – How environmental toxins can cause food sensitivities almost overnight!

48:09 – 3 major ways toxins contribute to your food sensitivities.

52:04 – Natural substitutes for the harmful chemicals behind the drastic rise of Type 2 Diabetes, obesity and other disease.




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