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#319 – Missing Microbes

Guest: Dr. Martin Blaser, MD

Dr. Martin Blaser

Dr. Martin Blaser — author of Missing Microbes — reveals how the overuse of antibiotics is fueling our modern plagues.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

1:53 – How a small village in Venezuela proved that we really are “missing microbes” and what that actually means for you.

4:12 – What your mama (and your mama’s mama) has to do with your microbiome.

6:25 – What bacteria has to do with a virus (hint…nothing!) and why antibiotics won’t get rid of your viral infection.

8:50 – The illness spectrum, the gray area of treatment, and the “defensive medicine” being played by doctors.

12:35 – The collateral damage being done by broad spectrum antibiotics – and what the government and Big Pharma can do to stop it.

18:44 – Are antibiotics “spilling out of the farm”? How they get into our food supply and how much we are really consuming.

21:20 – The C-section connection: moms, microbes and why your baby could be getting antibiotics without you even knowing it.

29:07 – Are we supposed to have H. Pylori? The many sides of the H.Pylori story.

36:36 – Gastritis and inflammation could actually be a “normal” response and why we need to be weighing costs, not just benefits.

40:28 – Celiac and antibiotics: what the loss of our bacteria means for our immune system.

44:20 – Solutions for taking back our bacteria for a early life benefit without the late in life cost.




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