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Podcast #313:
Thyroid Loving Care.

Jen Wittman

Guest: Jen Wittman

I could not imagine.

But the unfortunate reality is that this happens all the time.

One doctors says it’s this. The other says it’s that. The next says it’s nothing. That all of your test markers are in the “normal range”.

Yet the symptoms keep piling up, making life — your relationships, work, family life, etc. — a daily ordeal that never seems to get better.

For Jen Wittman, it took 3 years and 13 doctors to finally uncover that her daily miseries were the work of Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, an autoimmune attack on her thyroid.

13 doctors…

While many of us may have accepted the opinion of the first doc we encountered, Jen took the road less traveled. She would not quit until she got to the bottom of it.

On this episode of Underground Wellness Radio, Jen shares the remarkably inspiring story of how she healed her Hashimoto’s naturally.

But we don’t spend our time talking about test scores and antibodies. Those topics have been covered almost ad nauseam on previous episodes and, of course, The Thyroid Sessions.

Instead, Jen and I discussed “the mindset” of healing, not only from Hashimoto’s but any chronic health condition requiring the support and understanding of others, as well as being fully onboard with loving and caring for yourself.

As Jen says, you are NOT your symptoms.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

3:28 – Why it took 3 years and 13 doctors to get the the bottom of Jen’s health problems.

6:45 – Jen gets a reality check about the SAD diet she was eating (and washing down with Gatorade) and the traumatic event that she believes triggered her health problems.

12:20 – The most important thing Jen did to heal herself, why she didn’t want to do it, and how she finally made a change.

14:37 – Dealing with an “invisible” disease and communicating to get the support you need.

22:29 – How to separate your identity from your disease.

23:42 – Setting a daily practice for self-love and self-care, one choice at a time.

27:54 – The 3 phrases of healing and transformation.

28:53 – The most IMPORTANT part of creating real change.

35:24 – What your super busy schedule might really mean and why you need to make time for yourself.

38:05 – Cry buddies: letting it all out for better health.

40:15 – Order Jen’s new book Healing Hashimoto’s Naturally.

40:45 – Sign up for the FREE Your Best Thyroid Life event.

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