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Why New Year’s Resolutions Fail.

why-new-years-weight-loss-resolutions-failby Sean Croxton

How’d it go?

Around this time last year, you were likely mentally preparing yourself for the big day.

You know, the day when you’d turn over a new leaf and set forth on a journey to achieve the body, finances, and life you know you deserve.

So again, how did it go?

My hope is that you have used these past 354 days to become the healthiest, wealthiest, and most adventurous version of yourself — that your leaf has remained turned over.

But that’s not always the case.

According to, only 8-percent of us actually succeed in achieving our resolutions for the new year.

That’s pathetic.

When I see a statistic like that, my brain starts pondering what those 8-percent are doing that the other 92-percent are not.

In my experience, I find that successful goal-setters are those who set goals that are in alignment with what they value in life.

If you’ve read my ebook, you may recall a story I told in chapter ten about a woman — Diane, I called her — who had been trying to shed 30 pounds since the Reagan Administration.

Diane had tried every diet under the sun, and worked with dozens of health coaches and trainers.

It was hard for me to believe that in thirty years she could not find a single diet to stick to. I also could not believe that her time with me would turn out any different from the many failed experiences she had had with coaches in the past.

Something didn’t add up.

Listening to Diane tell her story, I could not help but be reminded of a quote from Dr. John F. Demartini in THIS INTERVIEW. It goes like this…

“Your life is demonstrating what your real values are. Any time you set a goal that doesn’t match those values, you’re automatically going to live with a moral dilemma. You’re going to beat yourself up. You’re going to wonder why it’s not happening. You’re going to be asking why you can’t stay focused. You’re going to be looking for outside authorities to motivate you. The key is to be congruent with your highest values, so you are setting goals that are congruent, so you confirm and achieve what you say. And you develop the habit of knowing and building confidence that every time you say something, you do it. The key is knowing what your values are.”

How’s that for a mind-blower?

I walked Diane through a very brief exercise to get some idea of what she valued most in life. After ten minutes or so, she came up with these…

* God
* Travel
* Family
* Community
* Career

I asked if she noticed anything missing. After an extended silence, she exclaimed…HEALTH!!!

For three decades, Diane had been attempting to realize a goal that simply wasn’t that important — or valuable — to her.

No fad diet would have ever addressed this misalignment. And no amount of money paid to calorically-dogmatic health coaches would have ever overcome it.

Diane needed a values adjustment, not another diet and exercise program.

Instead of spending these next 11 days fixated on what only 8-percent of us hope to achieve in 2013, it may be time better spent to understand WHY we’ve been part of the 92-percent year in and year out.

To consider just how important these resolutions really are to us.

To find a big enough reason to achieve them.

This week, Paul Chek addressed this very topic on the radio show, discussing why most of us have such a challenging time staying motivated. I felt like I was listening to myself!

Watch the video below to hear what Paul thinks.

You may listen to the entire broadcast by clicking the player below.

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By the way, we set a record for live show listeners this week! Thanks for tuning in.

You can learn more about Paul’s 4-step process for determining your values, as well as his program for scientific goal setting below.

The Last Four Doctors You’ll Ever Need

PPS Success Mastery Course

I want to hear from YOU! What goals will you achieve in 2013, and how much do they align with your values?

How will you make sure you’re leaf stays turned over?

Sound off!

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