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The Podcast about Why Cholesterol-Lowering Drugs Suck. (# 226)

myths-and-factsby Sean Croxton

I wish more medical docs had half the chutzpah of Dr. Cate Shanahan.

It takes a brave woman to go on live radio and rip the pharmaceutical industry a new one.

I mean, does your prescription pad wielding doc ever tell you stuff like this…

The only people who truly benefit from cholesterol-lowering drugs are men who have had a heart attack and are also smokers but refuse to quit.


Your total cholesterol score has nothing to do with your risk of having a heart attack…and that there’s a MUCH better way to determine your risk. 

* Cholesterol is a crucial building block for your brain. Cholesterol-lowering drugs shrink the brain, leading to potentially serious issues like dementia.


Insurance companies pay HUGE bonus checks to doctors who “help” their patients keep their LDL — the supposed bad cholesterol — levels down. So how do you think they go about keeping these numbers down? 

* A whopping 70% of women on cholesterol-lowering drugs for five years or more go on to develop diabetes. Diabetes doubles the risk for heart attacks. Go figure…

Probably not.

And there’s more. A lot more.

Click the player at the bottom of this post to hear Dr. Cate blow the whistle on the multibillion dollar statin drug industry that wants nothing more than to scare YOU into taking their pills.

Here are my notes:

2:21 – How a medical doctor became an advocate for truth in food and medicine
4:47 – Dr. Cate’s lightbulb moment about fats
5:43 – Why polyunsaturated fat are the fats you should avoid
7:29 – How saturated fat and cholesterol became public enemy number one
10:33 – Was smoking — not high-fat diets — the reason for increased heart attacks?
11:36 – How Ancel Keys skewed his research and screwed our health
14:30 – Why you should google “the cholesterol myth”
15:24 – Who benefits from cholesterol-reducing drugs?
16:38 – The truth about LDL cholesterol
18:05 – Why women don’t need cholesterol drugs
18:58 – Is the cholesterol cut-off score relevant?
20:16 – What cholesterol numbers should we be looking at?
21:49 – Have we been looking at the wrong numbers?
22:22 – Is LDL “all bad”?
23:27 – Why your diet is a better indicator of heart disease risk
26:04 – Does particle size matter?
27:55 – Do cholesterol drugs affect brain function?
29:50 – Do cholesterol drugs cause dementia?
33:01 – The importance of co-enzyme Q10
36:20 – Is breast cancer a side effect of cholesterol drugs?
38:00 – Do statin drugs cause digestive problems?
39:45 – Statin drugs – big pharma’s cash cow
41:10 – Medical doctor’s “paid for performance” system
43:00 – Are doctors brain storming ways to get you to take more drugs?
45:05 – Why is cholesterol in our arteries in the first place?
46:16 – Why does cholesterol build up?
47:55 – How do you know if your arteries are bad?
49:00 – The day-to-day variance in cholesterol scores
50:27 – Is Kobe drinking bone broth?
51:55 – Check out Dr. Cate’s website!
52:00 – Wrapping up.

Click the player below to listen to the entire show.

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That’s tomorrow (Tuesday) at 5pm PT/8pm ET. Here’s THE LINK to listen live or to catch the replay.

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2 thoughts on “The Podcast about Why Cholesterol-Lowering Drugs Suck. (# 226)

  1. Kristin K

    Thank you for a fantastic podcast! This was actually my first time listening. Cholesterol got my attention because my doctor wanted to put me on statins as soon as she saw what my cholesterol score was. I refused them! I have been doing my own research on it and this podcast totally jived with what I have been reading about, especially for women! Thank you and I am heading over to Doc’s website now!

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