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The Palm Oil Miracle

by Sean Croxton & Bruce Fife ND


Dr. Bruce Fife dropped some monster truth bombs on UW Radio this week, exploding some long-held myths surrounding palm oil.

I’m honestly not sure which oil I love more now, coconut or palm. Maybe, I can just love them both the same.

Like coconut oil, palm oil is a healthy saturated fat that resists oxidization when heated. It also boosts the immune system, reduces the risk of cancer, and assists with blood sugar control.

What sets palm oil apart from coconut oil is the wide variety of nutrients it contains, including:

* vitamin E
* beta-carotene
* coenzyme Q10
* squalene
* vitamin K
* sterols

Click HERE to listen to the replay and learn all about it! Dr. Fife and I discuss:

* How the research on the link between saturated fat and heart disease was conducted on trans fats
* The BIG difference between vitamin E tocopherols and tocotrienols
* How the squalene in palm oil protects you from all forms of radiation
* How palm oil is far more eco-friendly than soy and corn oils
* Why palm oil is actually good for the heart, as it is loaded with coenzyme Q10
* How environmental rumors surrounding palm oil are untrue
* The difference between red and white palm oils
* Much MORE

Click the video below for a sneak peek! And don’t miss next Thursday’s episode of UW Radio with Dr. Kaayla T. Daniel. We’ll be discussing Sex and the Soybean. Sounds like fun!

Sean Croxton
Author, The Dark Side of Fat Loss



9 thoughts on “The Palm Oil Miracle

  1. ilii

    Hi – really looking forward to this episode; some mythbusting in the offing !
    Btw: Could you perhaps give the mp3s meaningful titles ? Otherwise everyone who wants to keep them sorted needs to manually rename each episode, date, guest etc.

  2. Theresa

    Hey Sean,
    Huge fan of your website man!

    Palm oil causes acne for me. So does coconut. So do nuts! Sooo…I eat as healthy as I’m able to. I do use butter and olive oil. I’m in my 40’s and weigh barely over a 100. I suppose I do the bodybuilder’s diet/clean eating thing. I love weightlifting! Everybody tells me I look nowhere near 40. I think bodybuilding is the fountain of youth.

    Your website has really helped me think outside the box of my narrow path on fitness and nutrition though. Soooo many great guests.

    My point? Unfortunately, just that I don’t think palm oil is all that. Nor is coconut. Thank you.

  3. UW Sean Post author

    Awesome. Yeah, Bruce definitely busted some myths in this episode.

    Thanks for the feedback regarding MP3 titles. BlogTalk Radio is where the MP3s originate. That is something that would have to be on their end since we at UW do not host the files.

    The mp3s are available for download on iTunes. They come with the appropriate titles and show info if you subscribe through the services.

  4. UW Sean Post author

    Thanks, Theresa. Everything depends on the person. Palm and coconut oils are certainly the best oils for cooking.

    I’m curious about the acne that occurs when you use the oils or nuts. Very interesting.

    Way to take good care of yourself. My roots are in bodybuilding. I miss those days!


  5. Wendy


    Thanks for the many great topics on Talk Radio. I am trying to locate a good source for Palm Oil. Is Tropical Traditions one of them? Should I be purchasing Red Palm Oil only? Thanks so much

  6. BlondeBomber

    Different strokes for different folks. Different oils are beneficial for different purposes. If you need to obtain high heat, peanut oil is good. Extra Virgin Olive Oil is perfect for dressings.

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