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The Inspire Millions Challenge!

by Brett Klika

Americans are no longer chubby, portly, or overweight.

We are corpulent, obese, and rotund. We don’t move like humans are supposed to move.

We don’t eat like humans are supposed to eat. We are not just merely dying from this plight, we are suffering.

What would happen to a Cheetah if we fed it Cheetos and made it sit idle? It would get sick, it would get depressed It would develop pain, and die.

Why? Because Cheetos are not what Cheetahs are supposed to eat, and sitting idle is not what cheetahs are supposed to do.

As cruel as the above treatment may seem to an animal, many Americans live, embrace, and defend their “right” to this scenario. After all, there is a robust, nearly unchallenged industrial machine to support it. Unchallenged, until now.

This is a call to action.

A much higher calling than sculpting a six-pack, toning thighs, selling gym memberships or slinging miracle supplements.

It’s a call for our society to lift each other up off the couch and move.

It is a call to educate each other to eat food instead of chemicals.

It is a call to INSPIRE MILLIONS to stop suffering and live like humans are designed to live.

You don’t have to be a personal trainer, life coach, or physician to grab a loved one’s hand and say “let’s go for a walk”. How do you know if you are walking fast and far enough? When someone no longer needs to pull you off the couch to go for a walk. You don’t have to be a dietician, nutritionist, or chef to select food that is actually “food” and not merely a chemically-induced taste. How do you know what “real food” is? The ingredients list should be the food itself. For meat, well, if you know what the animal’s name was prior to being on your plate, it’s probably safe to eat.

We don’t have to be hot, ripped, toned, shredded, sculpted, or beautiful. We need men, women, and children to get off the couch, stop eating poison, and get out of pain. Everyone can contribute. Do something today, right now to change the way you live or INSPIRE someone else to do the same. It may not happen overnight, it may take time. Person by person, household by household, city by city, state by state.

Working together, we can stand up and INSPIRE MILLIONS to be happy, healthy and pain free. After all, that’s how humans are supposed to live.

Brett Klika CSCS



6 thoughts on “The Inspire Millions Challenge!

  1. Karen

    But, Sean, what about all those factories pumping out poison? Or massive CAFOs with their diseased, antibiotic and hormone-filled animals? What about farmers with GMO crops? Or the stores selling all that garbage? What will happen to companies like Monsanto? Or those mega pharmaceuticals selling all that medicine to help us not feel so sick while we’re sick and dying? (After all, if those meds keep us sick longer, they can sell more of them) What if everything folds and our government falls and everyone has to produce their own food or barter with their neighbor?

    Hey, wait a minute…

  2. Geny

    This is truly beautiful and inspiring. I have already posted this on my facebook wall in hopes that each of my family and friends would take a moment to read it and then share. Of course, it doesn’t stop there. The call for action must continue in any way possible as Brett has mentioned in his article. I love Brett Klika too 🙂 Thanks so much, Sean. This has made my day more inspiring and meaningful!

  3. Christian Rosenvold

    What a great idea! I really really like this concept 😀
    Definitely going to share this on my blog. This is good for spreading the word and we also need to remember to lead by example and inspire people through our being; lifestyle and physique.

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