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Rawsome: I Just Wanna Be Healthy

by Sean Croxton

I just couldn’t help myself. After spending some time on YouTube this week learning more about the Rawsome raid, I had to blow off some steam.

Here goes….

We just wanna be healthy. That’s all…




12 thoughts on “Rawsome: I Just Wanna Be Healthy

  1. brad

    While I agree with some of the government conspiracy sentiment, and I know you are just ranting, you’re projecting as a bit paranoid to me.

    Also, You probably have a more deeper knowledge about this topic than I do, but from what I have read I think you may be a bit off base. I don’t think raw milk is the holy grail that you may think it is. Rather than repeat what she has written I will just point you to the article Raw milk: my alternative view. I’d be interested to here your thoughts.

  2. Luke Shanahan

    Hear, hear!

    An Orwellian scene, isn’t it, these raids on “underground” providers of fresh milk? You mentioned that milk raids—hold up a sec: did I really just say “milk raids”?—have the look and feel of a drug raid. That’s because both are brought to you by the very same people, the same good folks who (while our punch-drunk economy struggles to find its feet) profit handsomely by spending billions of taxpayer dollars to send Rambo wannabes repelling from helicopters to collect marijuana plants.

    If your local politician tries to sell you the idea that Washington is struggling to come up with creative ways to save the US economy, say to them, “You’re joking, right? The government’s conducting milk raids! Don’t even tell me we’re not flush when we’ve got the extra cash to arrest farmers for selling fresh milk.”

    Thanks for shedding some dark on this important subject, Sean. You’re right: it’s nuts that people feel as though they need to head underground to hang out with like-minded people who think for themselves, ready to stand in coalition for our inalienable right to lasting health. To stand up for real food. The good news is, there’s a whole bunch of us down here, in the underground, and we’re in company.

    Plus, the food’s a hell of a lot better!

  3. Peter

    Why would you want to drink unpastorized dairy now that you can buy all these expensive probiotic supplements (which are just another attempt at making gold out of corn starch)?

    There is no reason to supplement probiotics. Just put some cabbage inside a jarr, mix it with salt and save yourself some 40$.

  4. Josh Frey

    Couldn’t agree more.

    I guess I’m lucky I haven’t had much trouble getting real food. Maybe WA is one of the 3 states you mentioned that don’t have those restrictions. I’m not sure.

    I’m more caught up in the nutritional end of things, but I think it’s really important not to lose sight of this kind of stuff or no one’s gonna have the option to eat healthy in the first place.

  5. don

    Just found the podcast on itunes and am here checking out the website. The Rawsome raid is just the beginning. This video should have millions of views.

  6. OneLuckyMom

    You’re looking for stories: My husband got nasty food poisoning from unpasteurized cheese in Spain. Required IVs to fight dehydration. He was a strong adult and didn’t die, but an elderly person or small child could have had a different outcome. That said, I ate the same cheese and was fine. Not sure what this means in terms of unpasteurized dairy, but it does have some risk.

    Just keeping it real. Love your site. And will remain a faithful reader.

  7. Andi

    I was so happy to see your vent video because it’s exactly how I’ve been feeling about the whole Rawesome deal! Thanks! It just doesn’t make sense at all. People each day can buy cigarettes and alcohol and even junky fast food, for that matter, yet the government forbids the sale of raw milk to willing consumers. What??!! It’s all about the money I suppose. What a mess.

    There is a petition people can sign here for a farm in California that was raided for selling raw milk.

    Please pass around, they need all the support they can get! Thanks!

  8. Jeannie

    There’s a great book on this subject called The Untold Story of Milk. Personally, I’m a vegan by choice, but if I ever drink milk again, it’s always raw milk. No question about it. This book a must read even for vegans!!

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