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Retro – The Art of Bone Broth

Lance Roll

Today’s podcast episode is a real game changer if you’re interested in having stronger bones, healthier joints, better digestion, and more youthful hair, nails, and skin. I decided to bring back another classic, retro episode with our buddy Chef Lance Roll to fill you in on how bone broth can literally turn back the clock on not only how you feel, but how you look.

Here’s what we talked about:

2:48 Chef Lance fills us in on what he’s been up to on since the original show in 2012, and how to get a discount on his trademark bone broth!

9:22 How The Flavor Chef came to be.

11:58 Why traditional foods and healing methods have fallen out of favor, and what we can learn from different cultures around the world.

16:07 The key components of a nourishing—and delicious!—bone broth.

23:16 Chef Lance’s step-by-step guide and best practices to make your own bone broth at home.

28:50 How to use bone broth to support your joints and boost your absorption of nutrients to up to 90%!

36:11 The bone broth detox: using broth to give your digestive system, liver and kidneys a much needed break.

39:35 Which bones are best…and where to find them!

44:03 Is it botox or bone broth? How broth-derived collagen makes your skin look amazing.

47:20 A bone broth pep talk for anyone who’s freaked out by drinking bones and chicken feet. Eek!

48:36 Why what Chef Lance cooks isn’t as important as how it’s prepared, and the “ultimate spice” you must add to make food healthier and more tasty.

Click the PLAY button above to listen to the entire episode.

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