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#284 – How Sleep Deprivation Fries Your Brain and Makes You Fat.

Guest: Dan Pardi

Dan Pardi — neuroscience researcher and founder of Dan’s Plan — visits the show to discuss the shocking research on how sleep deprivation impacts decision making, reaction time, memory, and weight gain.

Here are my notes!

6:26 – Almost every function of the brain is altered by sleep deprivation.

7:20 – How your brain encodes memories for retrieval and recall.

8:50 – Why “forgetting” is a good sign of memory.

11:20 – Do focus and attention span suffer when we don’t get enough sleep?

13:00 – How sleep deprivation triggers hyperactivity in children…and adults.

14:32 – Light and its effects on cognition and circadian rhythms.

17:32 – The behavioral consequences of mistimed light environment.

18:37 – Why you NEED to get outside at least 30 minutes a day. You master clock will thank you!

21:14 – An “enlightening” explanation for why outdoor exercise appears to be healthier than indoor exercise.

22:00 – 3 tips for telling your brain it’s dark out and time to wind down.

23:30 – “We’re getting 20% less sleep per night.” Yikes!

24:02 – Does wearing sunglasses throw off your master clock?

25:05 – A pretty cool app to create “virtual darkness” on your computer or tablet.

27:49 – Are you sleep deprived? Defining our individual sleep needs and the primary types of insomnia.

33:07 – More soup for you! A “sneaky” study on how our environment influences how much we eat.

35:48 – How sleep deprivation makes us more likely to eat foods we consider LESS healthy!

39:49 – Don’t go grocery while hungry…or sleep deprived!

40:15 – How deprived sleep makes you GAIN WEIGHT via imbalanced blood sugar, leptin, and ghrelin.

45:47 – Can sleep deprivation cause loss of muscle mass and reduced growth hormone output?

49:55 – Is obesity a memory disorder?

53:08 – Quantifying the Self: Nifty devices and apps that track your activity and behaviors.

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