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How to Fix Insulin Resistance!

by Sean Croxton

A couple night’s ago I had Mark Sisson, author of The Primal Blueprint 21-Day Total Body Transformation, on the radio show.

Listen to the show HERE.

Mark was kind enough to spend 90 minutes with us answering YOUR calls and Facebook/Twitter questions.

One of those questions was about insulin resistance, a very common health issue in a country addicted to sugar and polyunsaturated fats.

The most unfortunate part of our deadly epidemic of insulin resistance is just how easy it is to reverse. The hard part, for most people, is actually DOing it!

Check out the video below, in which Mark gives YOU the nutshell version of how to reverse problems with blood sugar regulation. And remember, insulin is the primary hormone responsible for the storage of fat. When you control insulin and blood sugar you turn ON the fat-burning hormones and enzymes. I write all about this is my new e-book The Dark Side of Fat Loss (DSFL).

By the way, when you leave a comment below you will make yourself eligible for a FREE copy of DSFL. I’ll take all of your names, put them in a hat, and draw three lucky winners. You’ll get DSFL, The Underground Cookbook, AND The Underground Workout Manual. Be sure to enter your email into the form so I’ll know how to contact you. Your email will not be added to any sales lists or anything. I wouldn’t do that to you.

Contest ends TONIGHT at 11:59pm Pacific. I’ll pick a winner on video tomorrow!

Good luck!

Sean Croxton
Author, The Dark Side of Fat Loss



66 thoughts on “How to Fix Insulin Resistance!

  1. Omar Abdalla

    I am very happy for you Sean. Big things happening to you now and every single day I’m learning new interesting stuff. Thanks man.

  2. Corine

    I have had great results with the advise Mark gives. Extra tip, add cinnamon to your diet (combines great with apples, ground beef or just add some to tea).
    And like he said, don’t work out too long or too often, fatiqued adrenals add to the bloodglucose problems.

  3. John Steen

    I ordered Mark’s book after listening to both shows and was really really intrigued. I’ve always been pretty healthy but stumble. After being a raw vegan a few years back I started eating meat again over a year ago after more research. I’m just not sure I want to eat meat everyday after listening to Mark. I try to only eat quinoa as a grain. I’ve been off sugar for 6 weeks (tho never ate a lot anyway) & started taking chromium piconolate, which really helps the cravings. I don’t have any! I’m on track but a bit confused to where to go now, but hopefully Mark’s book will help. I work out with heavy weight 4-5x a week and to stop that? I just don’t know. But, the one great thing is I always always remain open-minded!
    Keep up the good work here Sean! Big fan of what you’re doing!
    Oh, I intend to live forever! Just because nobody has ever done it doesn’t mean you can’t right? Who knows….
    Rock on~

  4. Kim

    So excited to read both Mark’s new book and your ebook! Though I’ve been spending the last year and a half educating myself on alternative nutrition and wellness (and getting leaner and healthier for it), there’s always more to learn (and I can’t get enough!).

    Thanks for all that you do, Sean. You and Mark and your online colleagues are saving lives!

  5. Amber Harman

    Love everything you do Sean..Can’t thank you enough! I am a recovering vegetarian (meaning I am no longer a vegetarian ) except I am still addicted to long distance running…the last podcast really made me think about changing up my training. Its rough though I don’t know if I can do it!

  6. TJ Christian

    Bro, thanks for all your hard work. I have tried a lot of things in the past. I believe I am now ready for the ” dark side”!

  7. Lissa

    After years of following the USDA/AHA/ADA recommended low fat, calorie restricted diets with an abundance of (un)healthy grains and lots of sugar, my metabolism is a train wreck. I lost some of the 60 pounds I gained on such diets but still have more to lose, and I am at an absolute stand still.

    I have been diagnosed with hypothyroid, adrenal fatigue, leaky gut syndrome, estrogen dominance and possibly leptin and/or insulin resistance. When I get home and can hear the video, I will watch it for sure! Thanks!

  8. Lisa

    Sean – You have one of my fav podcasts to listen to. Going to save it now so I can listen on the road later today!

  9. Eric

    I was pre-diabetic in high school (210lbs, 24% fat), but after switching over to the primal and JERF lifestyles, it’s a thing of the past!

  10. Chris

    Love what you do Sean,
    Love Mark Sisson as well.
    This Info is too Important to keep hidden and I applaud you for spreading the word.

  11. WCB

    This information is so important, especially for the next generation already facing an epidemic of Type II Diabetes. Thanks for all you do, Sean!

  12. Erica

    My dad just got diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and was told by his doc that he is not insulin resistant yet and that he can reverse it. How does he incorporate the high intensity workouts when he has two bad knees and lower back issues?

  13. Peter

    The symptoms he discribes are just what I experience after high carb meals. So maybe I should get tested for type 2 Diabetes then.

    I usually do squats whenever I feel “floaty” after a high carb meal. As soon as I feel the Insulin I’ll get really tired though.

  14. Steven arvelo

    always great info,and omg the cravings are so true.i was on an anti fungal diet and that first week was tough.funny how something so simple as not eating “certain foods” actually harder than you think when actually try it.

    also while onthat diet i noticed i was LEPTIN resistant as well..because before i got on it,i would be able to eat ALOT lot i eat about half the intake i would eat and when i try stuffing my face i feel like vomiting.its incredible haha. anyways,great info as always and keep it up sean.dont stop!!

  15. Johnny V

    “insulin is the primary hormone responsible for the storage of fat” – this is a false statement. Leptin is the fat storage hormone. Insulin is responsible for carrying glucose to the cells it has no predetermined route, muscle or fat. Leptin tells your body how much fat you have and sneds the signal to hypothalamus. Carbs, protein, and fats are not meant to be stored as fat, they are used for energy. Spiking insulin is natural and if you suffer from insulin resistance you should be focusing on lowering the amount of omega-6 fat in your diet from things like chicken skin, vegetable oils, and nuts and seeds for a period of time so your body can clear the excess Omega-6 from your tissues. You don;t have to cut out grains either, look at john Mcdougal’s plant based diet. He too has reveresed type 2 diabetes, same with the fruititarians. Insulin resistance comes from too much fat, Primarly unsaturated omega-6, and can be reversed by eating a starch based diet with lean grass fed meats and some healthy fats like people have done for thousands of years

  16. Jennifer

    Its crazy that its just that simple. Eating real food, food that your body can easily metabolize is the “trick” to being healthy.

    I love your passion and dedication of trying to get people the knowledge and the help they need to be healthy.

  17. aladdin benissa

    Hey mate Insulin Resistance is a topic that is ignored by many, but honestly it’s great you’re putting it out there for people in a fun and interesting way so that they can take a second to listen and understand what needs to be done to avoid health problems related to insulin in the future. Keep doing what you’re doing mate and live healthy!

  18. Elizabeth

    I remember being 20, visiting my family over holiday break from college and not eating any of the sweets. I knew nothing about nutrition at that point, was even a soy-loving vegetarian, but sugar was kind of a ‘duh’. Finally got the carbs down a few years later and just got the grains out last month!

  19. Ryan

    I get my health information from Underground Wellness and other sources I have learned of from UGW. Now it’s confusing when I hear mainstream calories in calories out and the idea that you should just get on the treadmill. I don’t have a lot of really health conscious people I talk to in my life either so it makes it hard to spread the word. I’m 22 as well so it’s not like I can personally make some kind of transformation because people would just chalk it up to being youthful. I’m going to get some people The DSFL this Christmas. Definitely seems like the best gift I can give. I’m confident it won’t just be something they toss to the side because of your edutainment style, Sean.

    This is something of a hobby for me. I don’t have the extreme dedication but it is something I care about. I’m glad it is essentially your life. That’s awesome for you and for a lot of other people I can say for sure.

  20. Johan D

    Hey Sean!

    I’ve been follower of yours for some time now and i have learned a lot. You are a true inspiration and I’m looking forward to more truth bombs! I have to pick up a copy of DSFL even if I don’t get picked.

    Keep up the good work!

    Greetings from Sweden.


  21. rella

    Hey Sean, great stuff with Mark Sisson! I’d love a copy of DSFL. I was saving to buy it for my own birthday present, but I’ll take it as a gift from you! Thanks and keep doing what you’re doing.

  22. Barb

    Sean listened to your interview with Mark while painting my new chicken house. Trying to make my little farm more biodynamic plus health eggs from animals I know about their care. Cannot get healthy eating sick animals or plants. Thanks so much for all your interviews they are always wonderful and I enjoy all the new ideas. I appreciate all your hard work. U Rock!

  23. Mike Matarazzo

    I enjoy all your outlets of information. Mark is so right. I dislocated my shoulder and clavicle two months ago, one month before I would have been in a triathlon. Since the Injury I have not been in the gym. I have gained 35lbs. Now its just a vicious cycle so simplistic to solve yet so hard to overcome. Congratulations on your “first” book Sean

  24. Barb

    I also wanted to add that I was thrilled when Mark talked about the loss of nutrients in our food and that the orginal testing was done back in the 50s. I am so happy that info is getting out there…there is a big difference between the food crops I grow with good homemade organic compost and the food crops grown in depleated lands. Not to mention that the varities of stuff I can grow can have for example more vit A because that is what type of carrot produces over other varieties of carrots….just a breeding thing not GMO.

    An intresting book you might want to check out, if you are not already is Tomatoland (damage to our land and people (slavery) both our most valuable resources. A very shocking read)

    I would enjoy hearing your interview the author.

  25. Mandy

    Thanks for all your hard work. You have literally changed my life, I was working as a medical doctor and feeling very dissatisfied. Since finding your website and work, I have moved into functional medicine and ‘the dark side’ and am loving every minute!

  26. James

    Sean, I’m thrilled that your eBook is a huge success and I hope that it leads to even greater things in the future. I’ve been a follower of yours for years. I’m talking way back when you only had a handful of videos on YouTube. It’s been very inspiring to watch Underground Wellness evolve into what it is today. Thank you for your hard work and dedication. I will continue to support you in any way that I can.

  27. Johnny V

    He doesn’t, your father needs to fix his metabolism first. This is why mark’s logic is flawed. Your metabolism will dictate how much fat you store, how much energy you produce or conserve, and regulate other hormones in your body. A high fat diet like mark suggests will not fix insulin resistance it will only make it worse for a person who is already insulin resistant. I’m guessing your dad has other problems, low body temperature, sluggishness, moody, tired, digestive problems etc. You need to address the system first and get the body chemistry back to normal. If your sugars are too high, as in your dads case, it could be numerous things but we know is that excess Omega -6 will interfere with glucose clearing along with too much simple sugar will produce excess triglycerides in the liver and will further shunt glucose from getting to the muscle cells. A “paleo” diet more focused on fat then starch may help with some things and bring down his BS level but it will not fix insulin resistance. More Starch ,Low Omaga 6 usually solves the problem along with rest, relaxation. A body temp of lower then 97.8 is usually a sign of a thyroid issue. Good Luck and don’t buy into dietary dogma.

  28. Karen

    Sean, thanks for the great interviews and all your hard work! I love listening to your podcasts while driving (downloaded from iTunes). Love your new book DSFL! I think everyone should read it especially those (like me) that have struggled with weight issues. It’s been a HUGE eye opener and has helped me tremendously! Thanks to your book and web site, I am well on my way to achieving optimum wellness.

  29. Eric

    Thank’s Sean for getting the word out. The more people to raise there voices about the deceptions of health issues the sooner we can all get better.

  30. Lissa

    Nonsense. Starch is sugar. Grains are sugar. Sugar makes us fat, and diabetic, and damages our hearts. There has never been any proven correlation between dietary fat and heart disease. None. But plenty inking the inflammation caused by sugar to arterial plaque build up and high triglycerides.

    And then, the there is all the damage modern wheat causes throughout the body. And that’s in addition to the havoc caused by the carbs/sugar.

    There is no essential nutrient in starches, and grains or fruits that cannot be found in vegetables, animal proteins or fats/oils. Not one.

  31. Alex Moreno

    I’ve never really won anything meaningful before.
    I would love to win something that could help change my life. lol

  32. Viviana

    Hi Sean.
    Thank you for doing your vital work.
    I know that it is your life’s work but you effect so many people in such a positive way.
    I am sure that we are all grateful to you for enlightening us.
    Not everyone is such a meticulous and passionate researcher as you are.
    Truth is elusive so we must keep searching on our “truth quest.”

    I was wondering if you would be willing to do a youtube video about St.John’s Wort or one regarding treating depression the natural way.
    I know that you have stated in previous videos that you have suffered from it yourself. Could you please do a depression survival kit or something along those lines?

    I know so many people suffering from depression. I also know that it is a contentious and loaded issue because it may have so many root causes.
    I just wanted some suggestions on vitamins, exercises, etc to help with depression for those of us that want to treat depression the natural way.
    Thanks again Sean.
    You prove that the TRUTH IS IN THE UNDERGROUND!!!
    May you be blessed and your kindness repaid to you.

    -“As far as we can discern, the sole purpose of human existence is to kindle a light in the darkness of mere being.”
    Carl Jung

  33. Andy Benham

    Sean, I know it’s already been said plenty of times, but you are the dude! I think the interview with Mark Sisson was one of your best so far!

    Andy Benham, UK

  34. Sarah Edmonds

    I’m so wanting to read all of your new book. I was a vegetarian for five years and exercised like crazy-taught aerobics, ran, swam, etc. I’m no longer a vegetarian and don’t exercise quite as fanatically (but still every day) but as I’m nearing menoapuse what I have been doing just isn’t working. I have trouble sleeping, I’m gaining fat, etc. I hope your book will address some of these issues.

  35. Linda Jones

    Sean, the problem is that most people are totally unaware they have insulin resistance. Everybody who eats needs to get a small, inexpensive test kit and check your own blood sugar – fasting (first thing in the morning) and a couple hours after eating and 4 hours after eating.

    Interesting thing too – if you eat wheat and sugar, you’ll never be able to do a 4 hour after eating test. I couldn’t. I had to eat sooner than 4 hours (blood sugar drops and the shakes settle in) so I didn’t go that long without stuffing something in my fast for the ‘pick me up’.

    If you eliminate wheat specifically, the cravings go away. Wheat is an appetite stimulator. Then do some testing – you may be surprised.

    I was shocked to learn that I’m pre-diabetes. After a month wheat free I’m back at the ‘normal’ range!

    Don’t wait until you have full blown diabetes to act – find out and take steps to reverse the damage.

  36. Rose O'Hara

    This is a really important question – the answer high intensity exercise.

    As I am in the older age group, this feels like a bit ask ie sprints, 30 minutes of weight lifting. I don’t think I could do this even if I really pushed myself.

    I wonder if there is any recommendation re exercise for people over 50 years.


  37. rodrigobiz

    first I want to say that you are doing great, great shows, just buy you book and so far it’s amazing.

    about this video you say that you have to cut the grains to fix insulin resistance, I live in Brazil and here rice and beans are the most traditional food in the lunch, I eat it almost every day.

    So I have two questions:

    1. there is a problem with eating grains every days?
    2. what would you recommend to substitute the rice and beans?

  38. Johnny V

    Lissa that was an extremely weak argument and I’m prepared for battle. You have been reading too much paleo dogma and fail to see what science tells us.

    “Sugar makes us fat, and diabetic, and damages our hearts” if you went in front of the medical community and made this statement you would get thrown into interrogation session that makes brian gumble look like malcom X.

    First off look at the island of Kitava this was well documented in Steffan’s book. They have a Diet FULL OF SUGAR AND STARCH and chain smoke. They are a millions time healthier then anyone in the “paleo world” there fasting BS is in the low 60’s and they can’t even get it up to 90’s after a meal. They have 0 incidence of heart disease, not low, but ZERO. No one has diabetes and they eat tons of high sugar fruit. (holy Lectins Paleo Man!!!)

    Explain to me the Exact Bio chemical reactions involved in a high starch diet that causes obesity. I bet you can’t because the body isn;t dumb and it knows what to use as fuel when healthy and when to preapre for starvation and become Fat.

    Let’s play a game it’s called point out the obese starch eating societies. It’s kinda hard considering that the leanest people in the world live on starch based diet. Did you know that consumption of starch has dropped in the united states? we actually eat less wheat yet we develop celiac diseas? You ever notice that people with celiac can’t digest alot of other foods either? Doesn’t this suggest a larger dysfunction with more then the gut but stemming from the thyroid and the metabolism. What people fail to realize is we have a world wide decline in body temperature.

    Also if you continue with your mindset of “starch is bad” i wouldn’t be surprised if you actaully ended up CAUSING disease in your own system. I have seen this TOO MANY time with people who follow this Dogmatic crap. I had a women the other day who had been on an all meat diet for 2 years and her Fingers and toes are deep purple and almost black. You know what fixed that? Lots of sugar and carbs. She is now almost normal. So the next time you think you have it all figured out, you should challenge your own beliefs and find evidence that disproves your own thought cycle. I used to think like you do, it’s cute, but one day you may wake up and realize how weak your argument actually is. For Starch and sugar rehab head over to Matt Stones Site for non-dogmatic info. It’s tough at first but I know you can do it. Even if don;t i hope this comment does stick somewhere on you so that when things start going wrong one day you might remember my words and save yourself from metabolic suicide.

  39. UW Sean Post author

    I agree. Blaming starches for insulin resistance is what I call “tunnel vision”. There are many other contributors to insulin resistance that have been overlooked, including PUFAs, stress, sleep deprivation, chronic infections, etc. I cover all of these in my book.

    I actually mention the Kitavans (as well as the people of China, Vietnam, and Laos) in DFSL and say that I will never again call myself a low-carber because of these healthy high-carb consumers.

    I know that your comments are not directed at me, but just thought I’m put that on the record.

    Next, I’m wide open to the Peat/Stone stuff. However, the vehemence of its supporters is a real turn off — not just for me but people in general. I hate to split people into factions and such, but you guys need to calm down a bit.

    I also can’t understand why the Ray Peat “leaders” seem to have gained a significant amount of weight (I’m not saying any names) since espousing the virtues of refined sugar. Just makes me wonder. It’s hard to watch a video from a Ray Peater whose chins keep multiplying and man boobs grow larger every time I see him. Just sayin’.

    My girlfriend went to Ancestral Health Symposium a couple months ago and says she’s never been a room with more healthy looking people.

    Again, I’m the most open-minded person I know. But the Peat community has a real public relations problem. Relax. It’s just food. No need to try to convert people every chance you get. Everyone has his/her own journey.

    Thanks for sharing!

  40. Johnny V

    I eat Tons of Wheat but i can’t get MY BS in diabetic range? Huh neither did the middle eastern people who started eating wheat also many of the people Weston A Price, Tl Cleave, and Staffan Lindaberg visited seemed to have excellent health as well when they ate gluten grains. Wheat must be the root of all evil right?

    “If you eliminate wheat specifically, the cravings go away” If you eliminate your tongue there is no need for sugar carving either!!!

    You might want to understand how insulin works first instead of believing people like Dr. Davis who really just wants you to buy his book and join in the gluten free craze because being gluten free is SO awesome. Watching all your friends enjoy organic beer and fresh made tortillas while you enjoy eating Chicken wings everyday. Who needs variety anyways.

  41. UW Sean Post author

    BTW, I also agree that leptin plays an important role in fat storage. Leptin and insulin are birds of a feather. What negatively impacts insulin impacts leptin. I spend a ton of time explaining this in my book as well.

    Let’s try not to jump on assumptions made from a very short blog post. That’s why I wrote a book.

  42. Johnny V

    Hey Sean, The point of my rant is statements like this “Starch is sugar. Grains are sugar. Sugar makes us fat” are the types of things your followers are preaching to their friends and family and you know that this not true given the context of the person. Even Mark Sission says eating over 150 Grams of carbs causes insidious weight gain. We know that this is just laughable. I am not a Peatard (ray peat follower) i think some of his stuff is good (Large amounts of PUFA encouraging IR is about it and I’m sure you would agree) and some of it mimics joel furmans suggestion to eat pounds of spinach( the whole carrot to “detoxify” estrogen is bit out there) but then again I keep a level head know that this is more dogma as well. I like Matt Stones Old Stuff before Ray peat happened but even now he has done his ray peat experiment and had the same results. Extreme hunger, weight gain etc like all diets have. What I like about Matt Stone is He keeps it real and doesn’t make you afraid of food.

    My goal is to stop the carbophobia as it is blown waaaay out of context. I’m not converting per say, I’m just trying to educate and keep people relaxed. I may have some sarcastic and “douchy” remarks but hey thats just how I roll sometimes when I get frustrated with statements that are very misguided.

    Believe me I am relaxed about my diet but Like I said before it is statements like this “Starch is sugar. Grains are sugar. Sugar makes us fat” that are just unwarranted. I think you need to make video to tell people to think about what they are saying before they go on about how sugar(glucose) Damages the heart or how insulin is the main fat storage hormone. Clear the Air make sure your followers are getting the correct message as it seems some are confused or becoming afraid of food. This is nothing towards you but your followers are getting their PHD’s from Google university. You know what they say, “the road to hell is paved with good intentions”

    Keep up the good work. Once again i am not a Ray Peat follower, it may sound like it but I didn’t mention OJ or eating lots of Ice Cream once because that is just silly and have commented on this many times on ray peat followers blogs. maybe I should Have Specified Sugar as whole foods like pineapples and potatoes? Does that work haha? Once again Not a Ray Peat follower trying to spam your page and “convert” people just trying to stop this carbophobia. We are After the same thing My friend. Wholesome food that doesn’t cause dysfunction.

    Just Eat Real Food Brosif

  43. RJ

    v v v interesting stuff going on here. I work as a consultant to pharmaceutical companies and my background is mainly in diabetes therapy [treatment, management and prevention]. Good to see that a sensible and rational movement has begun that focuses on evaluating your diet and exercise regimens as opposed to relying solely on pharmaceutical interventions.

    You’re right that most folks are not taking the steps to take control of their lives and address the real opportunity to reverse insulin resistance. Physicians will talk to patients about diet and exercise but its rarely positioned as a ‘first treatment step’…its usually an adjuvant to conventional pharmaceutical therapy.

    It takes a lot of honesty and will power to take control of your life….but very little to take a pill. We convince ourselves that drugs are the solution, but they’re only a small part of an equation that is, for most, shrouded in mystery.

    Keep up the amazing work and I’ll do my bit to change the industry from the inside.

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