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Would You Like Caffeine with Your Leggings?

by Sean Croxton

It’s been mighty quiet around these parts this week.

Last week, I came to the conclusion that keeping up with my almost-daily blogging while writing an e-book was going to be next to impossible.

The book is coming along better than I could have ever imagined. Having a coach makes a BIG difference. He has been a tremendous help in walking me step-by-step through each part of the process.

Last night, I made it to page 45, which I consider to be the point of no return. It’s getting DONE this time. At this pace, I should be finished with my first draft by the 10th of June. Then, I can start editing and hire someone to design the book layout.

There’s a light at the end of this tunnel!

In the News

Book aside, there were a couple news stories that I wish I had the time to blog about this week. The first was front-page news regarding the World Health Organization’s declaration of cell phones as possible carcinogens.

Didn’t I just blog about this? (links below)

Looks like we were ahead of the game, as usual. Another win for the underground.

I write it. People roll their eyes. Then shortly thereafter, it makes headlines. That’s typically how it works.

Speaking of cell phones, we heard back from Dr. Devra Davis’ people (author of Disconnect: The Truth About Cell Phone Radiation). She’ll be on UW Radio very soon to tell us even more than the WHO revealed.

Update: Dr. Davis just confirmed for next Thursday, June 9.

From the Ridiculous File…

Last year, Good Morning America sent me through the roof with their segment on The Cookie Diet. Yesterday, they did a fun little piece featuring caffeine-infused leggings that claim to take two inches off your hips and one inch off your thighs by just wearing them for five hours a day for 21 days.

Watch it HERE!

Now, this is silly. I almost choked on my breakfast.

Apparently, America has a caffeine deficiency…in our pants. Obesity solved.

Keeping it real, if you’re wearing your mocha latte, you’re not just overweight. You’re kinda gullible, too.

Just sayin’.

Then again, stories like this should motivate us to keep spreading the word about real health and fat loss. We’ve got a quite a mountain in front of us, but that won’t keep us from climbing.

The people of the world need us to save them from amped-up pants.

That’s all for me. No radio show tonight. Gotta write and watch the Heat crush the Mavs.

Allyson will be uploading a radio show clip from our show with Chris Kresser today. It’s a goodie! Check it out on the YouTube channel.

I have a Friday Fun Day workout video with Brett Klika in the can. Your abs will burn! Look for it right here tomorrow.

Happy Thursday.

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7 thoughts on “Would You Like Caffeine with Your Leggings?

  1. Ahmed

    Maybe a big coffee company will take advantage of all the new business that is sure to come from caffeinated leggings and creams.

    But seriously, thanks for running a site where the truth rings free Sean!

  2. KIM

    OMG!!!!! LOL!!!!! I loved what you wrote about ” America has a caffeine deficiency in our pants “. I laughed so hard you are the best Sean. Thanks !

  3. Christian Rosenvold

    hahaha Sean I love how you keep it real and point out the stupidities of the world! Maybe you should sell Protandim leggings, you’d probably make a fortune! 😉
    Looking forward to the radio show!

  4. James

    I really enjoy reading your blogs, Sean. They always prove that you are very knowledgeable in every subject (except basketball).

  5. Archie Robertson

    On your forthcoming interview with Dr Devra Davis, i find an uncanny parallel between the cellphone/cancer scaremongering and the rigid insistence of the medical and dietary establishment that saturated fat causes heart disease. Neither of them is true, but they sell newspapers and books. Nothing like a good scare story, is there?

    I’ve just come across a very clear explanation by physicist Bernard Leikind:

    And before interviewing Dr Davis, perhaps you might be able to talk to a physicist or two in person — or even get one on the show!

    All the best!

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