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What’s Your WHY?

What’s your WHY?

When we have a big enough reason, we will do ANYTHING to achieve our objectives. In the world of health, fitness, and weight loss, that can literally mean anything. Just a few days ago, a link was tweeted to me regarding a soap that helps with weight loss! Drop pounds in the shower!


We weren’t born yesterday. We know darn well that a belt that sends an electric charge through our abs won’t help us lose weight. We know that cabbage soup won’t keep the pounds off forever. Let’s just get real with ourselves.

Last month, I attended an outstanding business conference. One of the common themes was finding our WHY. No business takes off from day one. In fact, we’re lucky if we break even after 3 years. Success in any endeavor requires support, a plan, specialized knowledge, patience, and a big enough reason.

We can talk about health and wellness until we go blue in the face. We can make the same resolutions every year. But we will always come up short if we don’t have our WHY.

Looking good at next month’s pool party isn’t a big enough WHY.

Impressing your old classmates at the high school reunion isn’t a big enough WHY.

You’ll know when you have your own personal WHY. You’ll be overcome with emotion. Tears may even run down your face. You’ll have a crystal clear vision of your objective. And you won’t care what anyone else thinks.

What’s my WHY? Well, I have many. Here’s a handful:

1. Help others (with big WHYs) achieve health and wealth.
2. Build a gymnasium for my elementary school.
3. Open up UW Headquarters with consulting rooms, a radio show booth, kitchen, and classrooms.
4. Be financially free in two years, so I can stick it to The Man for the rest of my life.
5. Host an annual UW Health and Wellness conference with the best speakers in the real food and functional medicine.

What’s your WHY?

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Sean Croxton
One Driven Dude with a Monster WHY



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