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Podcast #343: Kale and Coffee.

Kevin Gianni Podcast

Guest: Kevin Gianni

I used to be so neurotic…

If that perfectly healthy vegetable wasn’t on my Metabolic Typing food list, I wouldn’t eat it. It would shift me “out of balance”.

If I forgot to bring my water bottle to the gym, I would much rather die of thirst than take a sip from the fountain. That chlorine would kill me … instantly.

If the hotel room didn’t have blackout curtains, there’s no way I could sleep.

But let’s just ignore the fact that I slept like a baby before some blogger told me that even the teeny, tiniest light exposure would “suppress my melatonin”.

I’m not saying that the Metabolic Typing Diet, avoiding trace exposures to chlorine, and keeping pitch black sleeping quarters are all ridiculously pointless ideas. Not at all.

What I am saying is that my own relentless efforts to implement every single “healthy lifestyle tip” I ever heard or read about sent me off the deep end. Totally overboard.

It wasn’t just me.

My friend Kevin Gianni, once a hugely popular raw vegan YouTuber, was suffering from a similar neurosis. Perceived to be the model of perfect health to tens of thousands of viewers, Kevin’s life behind-the-scenes was something different altogether.

He was irritable. Obsessed over his next meal. Chronically fatigued. And just no fun to be around.

As it turns out, Kevin’s supposed healthy obsession was making him ill. His tenacious pursuit to unearth the complexities of utopian health ultimately brought him back to one place…


On today’s episode of Underground Wellness Radio, Kevin and I discuss his journey from raw food “renegade” to the more reasonable, realistic husband and father of two he is today.

I actually uploaded this episode last Friday and many of my iTunes subscribers have called it their favorite episode EVER. You’ll dig it.

Click the PLAY button above to listen to the entire episode.

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And don’t forget to pick up Kevin’s book Kale and Coffee. It’s on my list of Top Books of 2015.



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How To Live with Cancer Like a Rock Star!

by Sean Croxton

“I live with cancer. There is nothing I can do about that, other than take care of myself. Some people, they have chemotherapy. I have kale and green juice. And that is all I will ever have.” – Kris Carr

Imagine being diagnosed with cancer.

But this isn’t just any cancer — it’s a rare, slow-moving sarcoma that accounts for only 200 diagnoses in the United States annually. Epithelioid hemangioendothelioma (EHE), to be exact.

Not only is EHE rare, but there is no treatment for it. No chemo. No radiation. No remission. No cure.

You just live with it.

Kris Carr lives with EHE. When diagnosed at the age of 31, she was given ten years to live.

Ten years ago.

Did she wallow in self-pity?

Did she put her life on hold to watch the sand run through her ten-year hourglass?

Nope, she went to Whole Foods.

She traded in fast food for real food, mixed drinks for green drinks, dance clubs for bookstores.

In other words, Kris refused to perceive her diagnosis as a sentence to death but as a motive to live. Her positive attitude and passion for life has been an inspiration for so many — even the cancer-free.

If anyone can make cancer Crazy and Sexy, it’s Kris.