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JERFin’ with Dr. Sara: Thai Coconut Soup Recipe!

the_hormone_cureby Sean Croxton

Thai food just isn’t my thing.

Every time I’m forced to visit a Thai restaurant I end up staring at the menu for fifteen minutes hoping that something somewhat appetizing will magically appear.

It doesn’t…

So I just grin and bear it, wishing we met up at the Japanese spot.

A couple of weeks ago I found myself in a similar predicament — filming an impromptu cooking video in Dr. Sara’s kitchen. But this time I was more concerned about spitting out my heaping spoonful of Thai Coconut Soup during the “taste test” scene.

Click the video below to find out how our Thai Coconut Soup turned out!

And don’t miss Dr. Sara on Underground Wellness Radio LIVE tonight at 5pm PT/8pm ET.

If you missed her two previous appearances on the show, they were the most downloaded episodes of 2013. She’s a riot!

Here’s THE LINK to listen in.

Enjoy your soup!


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Is the Pill Ruining Your Sex Drive? (video)

by Sean Croxton & Dr. Sara Gottfried

THIS is interesting.

I won’t bore you with a blog post. All I’ll say is that I hope this information goes viral. More people need to know about it.

Click the video below and let the doc break it all down for you.

You can also check out the entire episode by clicking the mini-player underneath the video.

By the way, Dr. Gottfried put together a FREE hormone quiz for my female readers, listeners, and viewers.

Take it HERE –> www.hormonecurequiz.com

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See you Monday!

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