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The Gut-Asthma Connection!

by Sean Croxton

Yo! What’s up, y’all!

Before we get to today’s video, I’ve got a few announcements.

First off, yesterday’s radio show with Devil in the Milk author Keith Woodford was an instant classic! You MUST listen to it. Definitely a Top Ten all-time show. It’s going to help a lot of people.

Listen to the show HERE.

Second, I’ve gotten about a billion emails about Wednesday’s FDN webinar recording. This morning, Reed sent it over. Click HERE to view it.

By the way, the discount code (FDN200) for $200 off the course ends TONIGHT at 11:59 Pacific Time. Take advantage! When you enroll, you also receive a 30-45 minute coaching call with me as well as the link to my How to Build Your Brand Through Social Media lecture video. You’ll dig it!

Lastly, I’ll be sending out an email-list-only podcast on Monday morning. My guest is Morley Robbins. If you’re a UW podcaster you may know him as my main main Morley from the 847. He and I had a fascinating discussing that I know you’re gonna love.

This recording is ONLY for those signed up for my email list, so get signed up in the upper right corner NOW! There will be many more exclusive podcasts coming very, very soon.

Click HERE to watch Morley’s Misled…And Misfed presentation. The man oozes with passion.

Oh! I had a couple of great calls this morning. Be sure to keep stopping by this blog, as I will be giving away a few cans of Vital Whey protein powder (from gras-fed cows) and some interval timers from Gymboss.

Stay tuned!

Enjoy today’s video. It’s a mind bender!


Sean Croxton
Author, The Dark Side of Fat Loss