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This Year’s B-School Bonuses and Scholarship Info!

Marie Forleo Scholarship

Who wants a scholarship?

Yesterday, our friend Marie Forleo opened enrollment for her online B-School (short for “business school”) course.

Click here to hear our recent podcast.

Being a B-School graduate myself, I cannot recommend the course more highly. BUT I also know that courses like this don’t fit into everyone’s budget.

So, for the second year in a row, I’m sending one ultra-motivated, aspiring entrepreneur to B-School. Right out of my own pocket.

Here’s how to qualify:

1. Create a video (no longer than 3 minutes) telling me who you are, what your business dream is, and why you want to go to B-School. Upload it to YouTube.

2. Send your video link to [email protected] no later than next Monday, February 23rd at 11:59pm Pacific Time.

I’m looking for a real “action taker” to award this scholarship to. The sooner you get your video done and sent over, the better.

I’m also looking for a resourceful, “everything-is-figure-out-able” kind of winner. So if you’ve never recorded a video and posted it to YouTube, you’ll need to LEARN how to do it. 🙂

IMPORTANT: Make sure your YouTube video is either set to “public” or “unlisted”. If you send me a video set to “private” I won’t be able to watch it. No bueno.

Katey the Assistant and I will need a few days to review the video submissions. Our scholarship winner will be announced via the email newsletter as well as here on the UW site on the morning of Friday, February 26th.

Not only can you earn a scholarship, but you and everyone else who enrolls in B-School through my link (enrollment is open NOW) will also grab these FREE bonus prizes:

Bonus #1: Access to our private UW B-School Facebook group where you can mingle and connect with me and your fellow students, as well as our 2013 and 2014 classes!

Bonus #2: SIX live monthly webinars leading up to our LIVE mastermind event (more on this below). Webinars will feature presentations on topics including content and product creation, social media tips, how to build your email list, creating effective Facebook ads, how to write amazing email copy, and more. Plus, live Q&A with me and my very best pals in the internet world.

Bonus #3: My 2-hour video presentation on How to Crush an Online Summit. This is the blueprint for how in 2014 I grew my list by over 100K subscribers in ONE MONTH. A must-watch if you’re thinking of hosting an online event!

Bonus #4: The ENTIRE Underground Wellness product suite! You’ll get instant digital access to The Dark Side of Fat Loss, The Paleo Summit, The Real Food Summit, The SexyBack Summit, Real Food Con, The Thyroid Session, and The Digestion Sessions. Literally EVERYTHING I’ve ever produced. A total value of over $600!

Bonus #5: A one-hour Skype coaching call with yours truly so you can pick my brain clean and get my personal feedback on your website, lead generation funnel, product ideas, money mindset, and more.

My Skype coaching rate is $1000 for the first call (to make sure I’m getting a committed client) and $300 for each additional call. But as a UW B-Schooler your call is 100% FREE with your enrollment!

Bonus #6: The BIG one. Your B-School enrollment includes a complimentary 2-day mastermind in San Diego, CA on Labor Day weekend. That’s September 5th and 6th. Spend the weekend brainstorming with your fellow B-Schoolers and taking in powerful presentations by myself and our special guest speakers.

Past mastermind guests and speakers have included Katie the Wellness Mama, Christa Orecchio, Mary the Paleo Chef, marketing wizard Michael Fishman, Cynthia Pasquella, and David Sinick of Paleo Hacks.

And be sure to bring your party outfits for our Saturday night shindig at my place, catered by our real food friend Chef Lance Roll. 

Gotta warn you, though. Things can get a little crazy! 🙂

Next year, I’ll be hosting quarterly mastermind events. I haven’t decided on the price, but it will be no less than $3500 and will include an application process to attend. With your B-School enrollment your spot at this year’s mastermind event is 100% FREE. All you have to do is get here. I’ll do the rest!

Here’s a pic of last year’s group — including bloggers, practitioners, personal trainers, EMTs. Even an NFL cheerleader! Good times.

B-School Mastermind

And here’s a pretty cool behind-the-scenes video from our 2013 group. Check it out!

Altogether that’s over $5000 in bonuses for this year’s B-School enrollees. The most I’ve EVER offered.

Honestly, I feel like this is the very best bonus package being offered by any of Marie’s affiliate partners.


Because I am personally invested in your success. I am HIGHLY particular about how I spend my time. It’s incredibly difficult to get me on the phone or Skype for anything these days. I’d rather by reading, writing, or doing pretty much anything else…

But I LOVE spending my Friday morning’s Skype coaching with my B-School crew. And our mastermind weekend is always the highlight of my year.

Click the link below to learn more about B-School.

To receive your bonuses, you MUST order through the link above. Once your order is placed, please send an email to [katey at undergroundwellness dot com] so we can make sure you were added to the UW roster.

My assistant will also get you set up with your UW product suite, your How to Crush an Online Summit video, the private Facebook group, and more info about your coaching call and mastermind.

Payment plans are available.

Seriously, this course is legit. In the past 2 years I’ve had about 180 enrollments and only 2 refunds. That’s unheard of for a big ticket product/course.

Click below to get started. Enrollment ends March 4th!

See you in San Diego. 🙂

And GOOD LUCK to our scholarship contestants!


P.S. — This scholarship contest is in no way affiliated with the official B-School contest.



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