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Grow Your Own: Save Our Plants!

by Sean Croxton

Let me tell you, organic gardening is WAY harder than I ever expected it to be.

I just thought we put the seeds in the soil, gave them a few drinks of water, and then all of sudden vegetables starting growing.

Nope, it doesn’t quite work that way. At least, when you have no idea what the heck you’re doing.

In today’s episode of Grow Your Own, I stop by Hale Holistic and get some bad news from our friend Kirk: my spinach seeds haven’t done a darn thing and our tomato plant looks like it’s on its last leg.

Where did we go wrong?

Well, first off, we underestimated the brutally hot summer sun, which sucked a lot of moisture out of our soil. We also made a boo-boo by applying fertilizer only down the center of the soil, too far away for any roots to find.


On one of my fave episodes of UW Radio, farmer Joel Salatin said, “Anything worth doing is worth doing poorly at first.”

With that said, Kirk and I are willing to learn from our mistakes. We’re also willing to get help from the best of the best. So, we brought in Shawn Studer of Stud Organics to help us recover our small (really small) farm.

Check out today’s GYO video below. You’ll learn all about how mulching keeps moisture in the soil. You’ll also find out how to water your garden without all the toxic chemicals.

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On the next episode of GYO, we get our mulch and worm poop on!!


Sean Croxton
Author, The Dark Side of Fat Loss



3 thoughts on “Grow Your Own: Save Our Plants!

  1. Billy

    Gardening is amazing. We got our 3 year old a shirt from Etsy that says ‘Grow Your Own Food’ and has a shovel on it. Love this post!!

  2. Becca Briley

    This is VERY interesting and I’m sure, VERY HELPFUL for many people. I personally have dealt with the frustration with sun over-exposure and indecent soil. To introduce myself, I’m actually the e-Marketing director at SWIHA,, so if you ever want to be featured on our blog,, please let me know. We love to feature people who have something really special and profound to share, and this article about organic gardening great stuff!

    ~ Blessings

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