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#30: The Vegetarian Myth

Lierre Keith

Guest: Lierre Keith

I finally have a new favorite book!! The Vegetarian Myth by Lierre Keith, a former vegan, pokes gaping holes in the moral, political, and nutritional reasons for adopting a vegan/vegetarian lifestyle.

Learn how agriculture and its monocrops are eroding our precious topsoil, destroying ecosystems, and yes, killing animals.

Find out how our basic nutritional needs cannot be met by a meatless diet.

Listen in as Lierre details how the “vegetarians live longer” mantra is simply not true.

Lierre’s book is available in the UW Store!
The Vegetarian Myth

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#29: The Science of Metabolic Typing

William Wolcott

Guest: William Wolcott

He’s back! William Wolcott, author of The Metabolic Typing Diet, returns to UW Radio for an in-depth discussion on the science behind Metabolic Typing.

Learn WHY one diet may work for one but not for another. Also, learn why the allopathic, shotgun approach to treating health challenges rarely works. Building health from the ground up is the key to overcoming conditions and diseases. Solutions should be patient/client-specific not symptom-specific.

William’s book is available in the UW Store!
The Metabolic Typing Diet

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#28: Leave the Aspartame and MSG Alone!

Cori Brackett

Guest: Cori Brackett

Get the scoop on aspartame and MSG! What are they doing to your brain and general health? Do diet products containing aspartame really help you lose weight?

Learn the story of aspartame and the FDA/poltical shenanigans that took place behind the scenes leading up to its approval.

Cori Brackett, maker of the Sweet Misery and Sweet Remedy DVDs, joins Sean for another show jam-packed with life-saving info.

Learn more about Cori at

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#26: The Truth About Vaccines

David Michael

Guest: David Michael

The Truth about Vaccines Flu season is creeping up on us and everywhere you turn, someone’s talking about the swine flu vaccine! Do we really need it? Is swine flu even a deadly virus?

Get the true scoop on vaccinations from researcher David Michael, publisher of the Journal of Whole Food and Nutrition Health.

Read more about vaccinations by purchasing the e-book The Authoritative Guide to Vaccine Legal Exemptions at

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#25: Am I Dead?

Fred Hughes

Guest: Fred Hughes

Fred Hughes, author of Am I Dead? visits Underground Wellness Radio to discuss a new paradigm in the fight against cancer. Find out what your oral health and cancer may have to do with each other.

Purchase Fred’s book by calling The Price-Pottenger Nutrition Foundation at 1-800-366-3748.

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