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#104: The Organic Manifesto

Maria Rodale

Guests: Maria Rodale and Leah Zerbe

Maria Rodale, author of The Organic Manifesto, stops by to discuss the importance of local and organic farming. Topics include the dangers of chemical-saturated farming and genetically modified seeds, how organic farming mitigates global warming, and why chemicals aren’t necessary to produce an abundance of healthy foods. Check out Maria’s blog at

Leah Zerbe, editor and contributor for, discusses how chemical obesogens negatively impact our health and contribute to weight gain. These chemicals are found in common household products such as anti-bacterial soap, cookware, vinyl, air fresheners, and shampoos. Leah shares simple recipes for making your own safe, non-toxic, household cleaners.

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Maria’s book is available in the UW Store!

Organic Manifesto



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