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#206: Debunking the China Study

Denise Minger

Guest: Denise Minger

The Paleo Diet has its fair share of detractors, objecting to the consumption of animal foods while promoting the virtues of being vegan or vegetarian.

But are vegans and vegetarians immune to cancer and heart disease?

Does meat consumption cause bone loss?

Denise Minger, author of the upcoming book Death by Food Pyramid, shows us the other side of The China Study and Forks Over Knives.

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3 thoughts on “#206: Debunking the China Study

  1. Paul J

    Why do you think Campbell didn’t bother to have the China Study peer reviewed? What are your qualifications for being critical about hers? Did you ever consider she may be correct? Wow, these question things are great! If you ask enough of them, and get the answers to them, you become enlightened!! I think they are missing you on facebook and pinterest.

  2. Ellie Bean!!

    Everything you said was valid. I appreciate you presenting a book that does show the other side of the coin. But, lets not be snarky. Even though the other person was rude without any substance doesn’t mean you should be. You’re quite the opposite 😉

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