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#332 – Sunlight, Chlorophyll, and Solar-Powered People?

Sayer Ji Underground Wellness Radio

Guest: Sayer Ji

Sayer Ji, founder of GreenMedInfo, reveals a new paradigm in human energy production. Can humans derive energy from sunlight?

Here are my notes!

4:03 – The process of finding credible info and how to become a better researcher.

9:15 – Biology 101! How we might be more like plants than we originally thought.

13:30 – Evolution and energy: why it’s only common sense that we can use sunlight for energy and why it might even be better for our bodies to do so.

16:09 – Exactly what and why you need to know about CoQ10 to give you more energy (with less oxidative stress!)

20:18 – Hairless humans: The evolutionary side of losing our hair to capture more light and energy from the sun.

26:16 – The many sides of melanin and skin pigment.

29:50 – Can we live without food? Pseudo-science versus significant studies.

31:43 – Sunbathing, burning, cancer and chlorophyll, internal sunscreen. Sunlight is toxic if there isn’t enough chlorophyll, how we can use the sun to protect ourselves

34:16 – Why you should eat more greens … no matter what type of diet you eat.

36:26 – Recommendations for sunlight exposure. The best times to be in the sun and what to eat for the best benefits.

39:04 – Are we being unfair to the food? When the benefits of food outweigh the burden of naturally occurring toxins and why it’s never just about energy.

44:45 – How to get more awesome information from Sayer Ji!

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