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#331 – Addiction, Heart Disease, and The Vegan Diet

Rich Roll Podcast

Guest: Rich Roll

Rich Roll, co-author of The Plantpower Way and host of The Rich Roll Podcast, stops by to share his incredible story of overcoming alcoholism and food addiction, and how he transformed himself into one of the fittest people on the planet.

Here are my notes!

3:08 – How Rich went from being awkward, insecure little guy picked last for kickball to an alcoholic attorney headed towards death or jail.

13:55 – Rich spends his 30s sober, medicating with work, food and the Window Diet until he finally gets a reality check to make a change.

18:59 – The first thing Rich did to turn things around and how he “accidentally” got to a plant based diet.

22:49 – Debunking the debunking of The China Study: it’s influence on Rich’s new lifestyle and what he thinks we can take away from the book.

28:44 – Can an old school food cause brand new disease? Why these issues are much more complicated than we’d like to believe and how we can start to simplify it so people aren’t so confused about what to eat.

38:34 – Taking personal power and responsibility for your health and how to really figure out the best diet for you.

40:20 – Will giving up animal products alone make you immune to disease? How to avoid being a junk vegetarian or vegan.

43:25 – How Rich tested the resiliency of the human body with five Iron Man competitions in one week!

48:42 – The big difference between training for performance and training for longevity and why Rich’s participation in endurance events is more about his soul than it is about his body.

56:03 – Addictions and extreme personalities: some wise words on what we can all do to keep ourselves in check and make choices that will lead us to becoming better versions of ourselves.

59:49 – All about The Plantpower Way and Rich’s podcast.

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